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Head & chest cold

I am dying (no not really but I feel like it). I have the worst head & chest cold. Dr gave me clear for mucinex but it is barely touching it. It is so hard to breathe and I feel like there isn't enough room in my guts to cough. Any natural remedies other than a hot shower to try? If I could just break up some of this congestion..

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Re: Head & chest cold

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  • No I'll try that.

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  • I was sick for over two weeks recently with some sort of cold. It sucked. I thoroughly believe it lingered because I couldn't put myself in my usual two day NyQuil coma. Being pregnant and sick sucks. I hope you feel better! Nothing I did helped. I just waited it out.
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  • I currently have a chest cold and it sucks. I've been drinking tea with honey and taking spoonfuls of honey to coat my throat. At night I have a coconut oil and eucalyptus oil rub that I put on my chest. And I put drops of eucalyptus oil in my shower to help too.

    If I had a head cold i would use the netipot. But I've also poured boiling water in a bowl, put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the bowl and then covered my head with a towel to breathe in the vapors. That definitely helps.

    I haven't taken cold medicine since I was pregnant with my first back in 2011. I'm still breastfeeding her and am now pregnant again. So I avoid medicine. These remedies usually help but it does take time for the cold to work out of your system.

    Good luck!
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  • I do hot water with honey and cinnamon, mentholatum (sp?) on my nose, and TONS of water. Hot showers help, and a humidifier is a must. 
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    I'm right there with ya. This is the worst cold I've ever had (probably because I can't take anything). I used the only two sick days I've taken all year this week. Try bringing a couple peppermint tea bags into the shower with you. It provides some temporary relief. My doc also said saline nasal spray is fine.
  • Ugh that sucks. I had a minor cold when I was just a few months pregnant and it was awful. I used a neti pot, arm and hammer simply saline nasal spray, nasal strips, gargled warm salt water, lots and lots (and lots) of water and healthy foods, fresh pineapple (my mom says it helps respiratory system), and just got a lot of rest. Hot Epsom salt baths (door closed, no fan on). Binged on netflix for a few days then felt a lot better :)

    I also drank all sorts of tea. It seems to lubricate my throat much better than just water. I like "pregnancy tea", rooibos tea, and an echinacea tea for immune support. I always add a bit of honey :) 
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  • Thanks for all the suggestions. The neti pot helped some but it seems like the cold just moved down to my lungs. It is finally starting to break up a bit, so I'm feeling some relief. Being sick while pregnant sucks, I feel like it took a bigger toll on me than normal! 

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  • Nasal saline and a vaporizer help tons at night!

    Ive had the funk for over 2 weeks so my dr gave me amoxicillin. Its clearing it up. I'm not one to take antibiotics quickly but in this case it was needed. Good luck!
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