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OFFICIAL Labor Buddy List!

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If I do this correctly, you will all be tagged (unless your name is for some reason untaggable- spaces, special symbols etc..) and that way, you can click on your buddy's profile and send them a PM. That is how you will connect with one another. 

How you use your Labor Buddy is up to you, but most people lean on each other for support as well as let each other know when they go into labor so that person can report back to the board on their behalf. There is no hard and fast rule, though. It is what you make it. 

From this point on, if you are looking for a LB, I put it in your very capable hands to reach out to someone and ask. My journey as "matchmaker" ends here.

Here is the list of people I matched. I considered time zone and due date, though if numbers weren't even, there may be some cross time zone matches. If requested, I tried to match FTMs and STMs+, but that wasn't always possible. I also only matched Canadian ladies together just in case text plans don't allow for international texting. I hope you all are able to connect with each other and are "compatible". ;)

@girlwithanchors and @robsbabygirl (I think there are spaces in robsbabygirl's name, so you probably can't click on her name and find her profile, but you're both regular posters, so this shouldn't be a tough connection to make!)
@steph&chris0321 and @aerotigergirl (s&c might not be taggable due to the & in her screen name)
@joapata and @aillise (You both are Thursday Ticker ladies and indicated that's something you'd be interested in, so that's why I put you together.)

This is the list of people who contacted me to let me know they had matched themselves:

@CrazyMonkeyBear and @WillCMyInk and @Saiven (Not sure if CMB is LB with each individually or if all 3 are in contact...)

And finally, here is the list of ladies who would like a Labor Buddy but were hesitant to be matched up randomly. You all can PM one another or anyone else out there can feel free to reach out to one of them as well:

@Megpie5 (matched)
@Megan81112 (matched)
@LaBellaVida (Riding solo lol)

FINALLY, if you do match yourself up, feel free to post your LB in here so that we'll know who is with who. 
Our sweet girl is 3!

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