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Success after IF

TTC Checkin 10/29

Hi ladies!


Good luck to those ladies cycling!! 

((Hugs)) to everyone else who needs them!!

This check-in is open to anyone that is part of the SAIF community and is currently TTC again, either on their own, or via injectibles, IUI, IVF, adoption, etc. 

A check-in will be posted every week. Please reply to the check-in post if you would like to be added to the group. Each check-in will provide the opportunity for you to provide an update as to where you currently are in your TTC. 


Once you get pregnant please post about your first and second beta then move over to the pregnancy check in.

QOTW:  Favorite Thanksgiving dish?



TTC, without meds, hoping for a wonderful "surprise!"

Jessylane8- 10/15-Cycle #5 but who is counting? 


MrsAmyDylan-10/22- We had a good consult. It looks like we will do the clomid challenge + IUI in December (which will take care of all our pre-cycle testing. IVF in January, assuming the IUI doesn't work. . 


Lynnyloo- We are ready to start actively trying, haven't really pressed DH on assisted cycles yet. I started my cycle back in January and think it regulated around March. So it's been about 7 months of not trying to prevent. To conceive DD it took 26 cycles (2 failed IUIs, followed by surprise BFP). I'll be 35 in a few months and not really sure how long we'll try on our own. Original diagnosis was unexplained with DH having good numbers, but poor morph. I'm currently on CD32, so just waiting for my period to show up.


Okitty-10/1-SAIF Lurker timidly stepping forward!: DH and I are somewhat trying for #2. DS is only 2 mos old today, and while I'm breastfeeding I realize our chances are low (no AF yet) but we aren't preventing. DS took 5 years and was a surprise during our adoption wait. We hope to be lucky and have an unmedicated BFP as we aren't up for any interventions. If not, we'll revisit our adoption plan when DS is 18 mos (per our agency's rule). 


Richzep-10/22- In the middle of probably my final cycle before FET #1.  We moved up our timeline (because I'm impatient).  But we're excited.

TTC, with treatments


Ann679-I had my retrieval yesterday.  I'm completely shocked.  They got 8 eggs and 6 of them fertilized.  That's more than my first 2 cycles combined.  Now I'm hoping for some good growth.  


Chiwifey-10/22- Just met with Dr. Sch. He said we're looking at around 11 eggs maybe a few more. ER will be sun or mon. He was pleased with our cycle so far and said about half of the mature eggs would be blasts and about half of those normal after CCS testing. He was hopeful for us which was encouraging. Feeling hopeful myself 


Djma81-U/S and labs all good....lining at 9mm on Tuesday. Scheduled for transfer Monday!! Eekkk. Transferring two again this time

EmAzeem-I would love to be added! We'll be doing ivf #2 as soon as AF arrives. Then I'll go in for b/w on days 1-3 and a saline u/s days 5-11.

emwaiting – 6/18We are currently off all meds and just seeing what will happen on our own.  Praying for that little miracle to happen.  You know be one of those that can say "it will happen when you quit trying!" ha  I will be 6 wks tomorrow from my last period so that is frustrating that it won't come on it's own.  If it isn't here in another week then they will do a blood test to make sure I'm not prego and then do the meds to start my period.  Kinda hard to have that miracle without my period or ovulating.  We had to do IVF to get our DS so we are thinking we will have to go down that road again so time to save $$ again!  

fullfhope –10/22-had second scan today with my favorite Dr and she was so positive and upbeat, we saw a strong heartbeat and while are still measuring behind she said is less than a week behind and she thinks this is ok.  I have now graduated to OB. Next appointment is Nov. 3. Thank you ladies for your concern, much appreciated. 


itsmevkb -8/20- We did the transfer last Monday of our one little frosty and everything went smoothly.  Yesterday I tested and got a positive.  I'm literally shaking typing that out.  I'm scared.  Scared of something going wrong, scared of having a crappy beta on Wednesday, scared of where in the world we're fitting another baby into our house, scared of just everything both good and bad.  

JBDamonm-10/22-My FET is scheduled for 11/14. I have a ways to go but I am actually feeling excited. I'm happy it's a longer cycle - I feel like I needed this extra time to mentally prepare - and enjoy things like sushi. Now I just have to hope that nothing goes wrong btwn now and then.


Julie21613-10/22-I'm still plugging along... things are progressing very slowly.  Going back tomorrow for u/s & b/w.  Had 3 measurable follies on Monday.  Hoping they have a big growth spurt.


Kaf7-10/22- I travel for my SIS on Monday. Worked out well since I don't work that day. Still not sure how I will manage taking all of feb off. I haven't started my DHEA yet. This has been a wicked period with diarrhea and bad persistent acne so I have been holding off...


KDR19179-7/16 I haven't been on the bump in awhile because I have been busy with the twins and work, but we are in the process of going back for our single frozen embryo. We don't tell many people IRL when we are going through IVF cycles, so I would love to talk about it somewhere! CD day 1 was July 10, I saw the RE on Monday. I'm taking estradiol 2mg 3x daily. I go back on 7/21 for an ultrasound and blood draw. The embryo transfer is scheduled for 7/28. We only have 1 embryo left and it has about a 65% chance of surviving thaw. If it survives thaw, it has a 27-30% chance of pregnancy. I love swimming, but don't get to do it much. I never thought I would want a pool until we had kids. If we had a pool, I think I would swim every day in the Summer!



mnj05 – 10/22-I have turned 3 tests positive!! My beta is Friday. 

MoFree –10/22- ET should be some time between Nov 8 and 11 in what seems like the never ending cycle.


Pam MG – 10/1-Still hanging out


Phishgirl29- 10/22-Confirmed chemical pregnancy. Sucks. I just started bleeding yesterday so I'm CD2 now. We are taking this cycle off while we decide what our next step is. I'm thinking of a follistim IUI cycle next, maybe 2 if I have enough leftover drugs before we try our final embryo in our last FET in February. 


Pinkmickey24-9/17 Cycle 3 is underway. Going to sit down and chat with DH about when we should return to the RE. I want to cycle August/September again because a May/June baby if all works out is much nicer on a teacher's schedule, but I would be grateful for a baby at anytime in the year.


Run20K-10/1- My next FET is scheduled for 11/18


STL34-10/22-I had my first of two baselines this morning.  Everything looked good on the ultrasound except my AFC was lower. I haven't heard my E2 results, yet.  I have another ultrasound scheduled for October 31 just to make sure nothing funky happens between now and then since I am only on ganirelix.  If that goes well, I will start stims on November 3!!



trigirl79 – 10/22-So we decided to go ahead with IVF...a huge blow to me but I'm super hopeful. AF arrived Sunday, started BCP Monday. Plan is BCP x 19 days, then monitoring, starting meds around the 11th with ER somewhere between Nov 22 and 24 and transfer between Nov 25 and 29. Which means it could happen on Thanksgiving. 

Huge hugs and baby dust!


WadzFaithJulie21613  They increased my folistim from 225 to 300iu's. 
I go back tomorrow for them to check again. Just happily plugging along.


ON A BREAK, hoping to get back in the game soon

Efhoping2010-10/15-Will likely find out this week or next if new insurance has any coverage for IVF/ICSI #4, big money no whammy...


Bellalou – 10/15 Made my appt for 12-4 to discuss what my plan will be. I know I'm going to need polyps & probably fluid removed. Hoping to do all this while my deductible is met!





6 m/c
Anovulatory cycles, increased Synthroid Diagnosed Sep 2010
Natural cycle Dec 2010 BFP M/C 6 1/2 Weeks, D&E Jan 2011
1 Clomid/Ovidrel BFN May 2011
Natural cycle Aug 2011 BFP M/C 4 Weeks
1 IUI Sept 2011 BFP M/c 7 weeks
Provera Dec 2011 BFP M/C 3 Weeks
DQ ALPHA HLA MATCH, High NK Cells Diagnosed Dec 2011
IVF March 2012 BFP m/c 4weeks 5 days (IL, Prednisone)
IVF#2w/DS July 2012 MEGA FAILURE BFN (IL, Dexamethasone)
Diagnosed No real HLA Match, DQ Beta Triad, High TNF, Low NK Cells
Oct 2012 Natural Cycle m/c 4wks (Lovenox, Prednisone) 
Went to Beer Center- high tnf, low lad, implantation failure
Nov/Dec 2012 LIT Treatment
Dec 12 Humira
Jan 2013 BFP
Humira,LIT,Prednisone, Lovenox, IVIG, Baby Aspirin
Miracle Born August 2013 Premature

Yours doesn't have to be a sad story


Lilypie - (ugiy)

Re: TTC Checkin 10/29

  • I am 5dpo.

    QOTW: I love all.the.casseroles green bean, squash, sweet potato and MH makes amazing stuffing with hamburger and bacon inside the turkey.

    TTC#1 for 19 months with PCOS and MFI IUI#3 + injectables = BFP!!!!  Beta#1-134(13dpiui) Beta #2-392(15dpiui) 
    #1 born December 2011
    TTC#2 - Beta #1 [email protected] Beta#2 -1353 @16dpo
    #2 born May 2013
    TTC # 3 June 2014 BFP 12-1-14
    #3 born August 2015 
    #4!!!!!!! due June 2017 
    [Deleted User][Deleted User]STL34imoverit
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  • DH has to repeat his SA before we do an iui again. No news until that gets done next week. Thanks again for all the kind words over my chemical pregnancy. It means a lot to me!

    QOTW: stuffing. I love that shit!

              image      image    

    IVF #1 September 2012, beta #1: 213; beta #2: 580. Expecting Twins! 
    EDD 6/9 lost one angel at 9w3d :( 
    Baby boy arrived 6/1/13
    FET #1 10/14, BFP -Chemical Pregnancy :(
    Everyone Welcome

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    [Deleted User][Deleted User]STL34imoverit
  • STL34STL34 member
    edited October 2014
    I have another baseline ultrasound tomorrow to make sure nothing has changed in the last week and a half.  I also get my last order of meds tomorrow.  If everything looks good tomorrow, I start stims on Monday!!  Yay!  I'm excited and so nervous.  This has to work!  

    QOTW:  Probably pumpkin pie.  But, I also love turkey and gravy and mashed potatos and homemade rolls.


    ~SAIF/PAIF/Everyone Welcome~ 

    Me= 37 and DH = 41 

    Dx: DOR, Endo, APA+ (really high beta 2 glycoprotein antibody and high everything else tested), heterozygous MTHFR mutation, positive for lupus anticoagulant, high FSH, low AMH and both tubes blocked (per HSG on 3/8/11)

    IVF #1 - long lupron (with HGH, intralipids, lovenox and BA); 4 retrieved, 3 fertilized; ET 2 blasts and 1 frozen = BFN

    IVF #2 - a version of antagonist with EPP (with HGH, intralipids, lovenox and BA); 6 retrieved, 4 mature, 3 fertilized, 2 blasts and 1 frozen blast transferred on day 5 = BFN.

    IVF #3 April was postponed to May, May was canceled. June/July was canceled. Had a cyst aspiration and then began IVF #3 in August. ER on 8/22; ET on 8/24 with AH. +HPT on 9/5. Beta #1 (11dpo) = 3; Beta #2 (15dpo) = 29; Beta #3 (17dpo) = 60; Beta #4 (19 dpo) = 118. Heartbeat at 6 weeks 6 days =132.  Lil is here!

    TTC#2:  Trigger + TI = BFN; Clomid + Trigger + IUI = BFN.

    IVF #4:  BCP + MDLF + Lovenox = 7R, 1F = Transferred 1 6-cell embryo on day 3 = BFN

    IVF #5:  MDLF + Lovenox = 4R, 1F = Transferred 1 10-cell compacting embryo on day 3 = BFN

    IVF #6:  (New RE):  Long Antagonist November 2014 (transferred two 8 cell grade 1 embryos and froze one blast) = BFN

    FET#1:  BFN

    [Deleted User]jesselayne8imoverit
  • On BCP until 11/8. Then the show gets on the road :) 

    QOTW: I make some super awesome mashed potatoes and gravy. I also love the canned cranberry sauce. And my mom makes homemade rolls that I cannot have a holiday meal without :)
    Me: 34 Unexplained IF, DH: 31, no issues

    3 cycles of Clomid Jan-March 2012
    3x BFN
    IUI #1 Sept 2012 BFN
    IUI #1 Oct 2012 (10/11/12) BFP!
    Beta #1 10/26 313
    Beta #2 10/29 1450
    Beta #3 11/1 4202
    U/S #1 11/13
    Baby Girl born 7/3/13!!!

    And now we begin again...
    RE Consult 2/25
    Baseline Bloodwork and U/S 3/4
    Had a 22mm follicle on the R, getting ready to O on my own...BFN
    AF 4/6, CD11 testing done 4/16
    3 follies right (largest 18), 1 left (11.8). Lining 7.16
    starting Estrace 4/16, trigger 4/16 with IUI likely 4/18
    [Deleted User]imoveritSTL34[Deleted User]
  • I'm just chugging along on meds that makes me feel bloated, cause my skin to break out and give me headaches. ET should be next Saturday or Sunday.
    TTC since 3-08 IVF # 1 Dec 2011 BFP DD born at 31 weeks 6-24-12

    FET #1 Dec 2013 BFN

    FET # 2 Feb 2014 BFN

    No more frosties

    IVF #2. September 2014

    PGD yielded 2 perfect 5d blasts

    SET November 9, 2014
    Nov 23, 2014. Another BFN

    Not sure where to go from here.


    Lilypie Premature Baby tickers
    [Deleted User]JBDamonMJulie21613STL34
  • @STL34‌ - I hope you can continue!


    TTC #1 since 3/2011
    DX: anovulatory and severe MFI
    DH is a testicular cancer survivor
    IVF#1 w/ICSI lupron, gonal f, ovidrel
    ER 6/15/12 6R 6M 6F! ET 6/20/12
    Beta #1: 154 Beta #2: 509 Beta #3: 7326
    Baby Boy born 3/1/2013
    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

    TTC#2: 6/2014 all testing came back normal

    IVF#2 (#1 for LO#2) 9/2014 - 17R 10M 10F 4 blasts frozen on day 6.

    FET #1 10/15/14 - Beta #1: 216  Beta #2: 823

    Baby Boy born 7/10/2015

  • GL to those who are awaiting steps or results and hugs to those who need them. I had my sis which showed no polyps. RE who did the procedure was more knowledgeable about a gnrh pump and started getting everyone investigating that again but ultimately it will be a lot of money and time before we could get one from Italy so we are going to proceed with the new IVF protocol in feb instead. I am arranging transportation of our sperm to the new clinic. I am on my DHEA and coq10 and doing ok with it. Plan for suprefact and GH starting in Jan. Does anyone have experience with GH? I am a bit nervous about it. QOTW: Apple crisp.
    Julie21613[Deleted User]
  • Update: Transferrred 2BB 5-Day blasts with AH and HCG as we did last successful transfer. Transfer was Monday the 27th....don't think I'm going to test this time. Beta scheduled for next Friday the 7th. QOTW: I love love love deviled eggs!!
    -Me 32...PCOS (no pregnancies)
    -DDH 43....ASA (2 children from first marriage)
    -TTC since 9/2011
    -2/12 and 3/12 ovulated on Clomid BFN (both months)
    -4/12 and 5/12 break from trying and focus on our upcoming wedding 5/19/12 and honeymoon to Jamaica!!! Yay!!!
    -5/7/12 Normal/Clear HSG (very painful for me)
    -6/11/12 DDH and I decide to begin IVF#1 with upcoming cycle
    -6/20/12 Mock Transfer and US which showed 2 cysts on Left Ovary
    -6/11/12 Started OCP's
    -6/27/12 Repeat US (checking on cyst rupture/growth)....cyst still there!
    -6/28/12 Surgery to remove the cyst
    -6/29/12 Rest, and Recovery at home
    -6/30/12 Recieve Med Shipment
    -7/1/12 Start Lupron 10mg....cont OCP's
    -7/7/12 Last OCP....continue Lupron 10 units
    -7/9/12 Begin STIMS (Gonal-F and Menopur), also Lupron 5 units
    -7/10/12 PM Lupron 5, Gonal 75, Menopur 75
    -7/11/12 AM Gonal 75, PM Lupron 5, Gonal 75, Menopur 75
    -7/12/12 AM Gonal 75, PM Lupron 5, Gonal 37.5, Menopur 75
    -7/13/12 AM Gonal 75, PM Lupron 5, Gonal 37.5
    -7/14/12 AM Gonal 37.5, PM Lupron 5
    -7/15/12 PM Gonal 37.5, Lupron 5
    -7/16/12 RE cancelled cycle due to drastic drop in E2
    -Awaiting AF to hopefully start new cycle in August
    -Switched RE's
    -On OCP's x 4 weeks
    -Last OCP 9/18/12
    -Baseline US/Labs 9/21/12
    -STIMS begin 9/22/12
    -After only 8 days of STIMS (Follistim 150/Menopur 150) had ER 10/3/12....53 Eggs!!
    -47 mature and 26 fertilized as of day 1
    -Moderate OHSS so will wait on transfer....freeze all
    -10 Frosties...7 day 5 Blasts, and 3 Day 6 Blasts all grades A and B
    -Start OCP'S 10/11/12
    -FET scheduled for 11/29/12!!
    -1 Expanded Blast Transferred on 11/29/12
    -12/10/12 BFN (HPT & Beta) BFN!!!
    -FET 2 1/31/13
    -2/11/13 BFP Beta #1 9.9, Beta #2 2/14/13 0 C/P
    -WTF Appt 3/28/13

    [center] Visit my blog <a href=""> Praying for a Miracle or Two </a>[/center]

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    Julie21613STL34[Deleted User]
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