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Pregnant after 35

ok, I AM KU!!! Also a question about eating....

I feel super yucky nauseous today. The last 2 days I can't seem to sleep enough. Ginger Ale is the only thing that sounds good to me anymore. 
My dreams are crazy. Last night I had terrible cramps in one singe spot that really caught my attention (I've had cramping...nothing that was considered abnormal though) So naturally i was a bit worried but not enough to tell Hubby (since he is a big ole worried daddy as it is.....no need to add to that!)

Can i please please please go back to being mostly symptom free..........

Im approx 7 weeks so I guess the timing is about right for the symptoms to start taking center stage. I was really hoping to get lucky though. 

Im also feeling the hormones......feeling yucky has made me moody. I have so much housework to do. :(
I also need to cook a meal. Ugh, How do you cook a meal when you don't want to eat??

Speaking of eating.....here is my question.

Is it horrible if I can't eat?? I mean I really can't. Im not throwing up but the nausea is really making it difficult. 

Am I harming the baby if I eat just a few nibbles a day?? 
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Re: ok, I AM KU!!! Also a question about eating....

  • Both pg I basically starved with my head over toliet and lost atleast 10lbs Ds was fine and DD so far so good! As long as your hydrated with fluid you will be ok first trimester;)
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  • I didn't eat from about 6 weeks to about 12 weeks. that is when the nausea for me died down. I actually lost a wee bit of weight. and I understand about the not wanting to cook when you cannot eat it. I would fix the family supper but never eat any for myself. 
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  • ok so hydrated and I should be ok. Not exactly how i would prefer to lose any weight...lol. 
    I can't wait to feel normal again. 

    Me 38   DH 34
    married 05-21-11 
    started TTC right away

    BFP- 10-16-14 EDD 6/13/15: MC 12-1-14 
  • I cant wait to get past the sick part too. Stay hydrated and eat small meals. It seems all I want to eat is rice and beans.
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  • PPs had some great suggestions - nibbling on bland food like saltines, etc.  I just want to add that if you're not able to eat much, it's probably even more important to be taking your prenatal vitamins every day.  I hope you feel better soon!
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  • Honestly the first trimester is always about survival for me. lol  Whatever gets me through.  I always get really nauseous around 6-7 weeks and it goes through the first trimester usually. It always helped me to eat very small snacks multiple times a day.  Whatever sounded ok to me at the moment. Ginger ale did help me too.. now I don't seem to like it anymore but when the nausea first kicked in it did help. You could try motion sickness bands.. I haven't tried it yet but another coworker of mine is pregnant now too and it's been working really well for her.  Thank God this part is usually temporary. :) 
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  • Eat when you can.  Talk to the doctor, there are a lot of options that might make you feel better enough to eat. 

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  • For me, the only way to temper the nausea is to keep eating. The longer I go without eating, the worse I feel. Even though I never really have an appetite (because I get nauseous, not hungry), which means I'm basically force-feeding myself, and as a result, fattening up just like a Thanksgiving turkey. But since the alternative seems to be puking all the time, I can't really complain. Hopefully during the 2T I can ease up on the large quantity of food I'm shoving in my face.

    As soon as I get up in the morning I eat a few saltine crackers. Otherwise, what I eat varies from day to day. What I couldn't get enough of last week, I can't even look at this week. Peppermint tea and soda water also help... but not as well as food.

    So as far as cooking, I just make sure to have a good snack before I start.

    I just bought the motion sickness bands on my way to work this morning. So far, I haven't really noticed a difference, but it's still early. :(  I don't know how consistently I can keep them on though, since they are a little conspicuous and I'm not "out" yet at the office. 

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  • I was actually able to eat the dinner I made last night. 

    Today i started the day with ginger ale and the only thing that sounded good was sweet potato. lol. 
    It was literally only 4 bites worth. 

    I just had 4 baby carrots with a teaspoon of peanut butter. 

    Mornings and days seem to be hard. Soon as evening hits I seem to do a bit better. 

    I think the other thing i don't like is how I have become picky about what I want to eat. Normally I like everything. nothing is off limits for me. Eggs for breakfast...forget it. Yuck. Im trying to be conscious of what i eat since I'm overweight and trying not to put on unnecessary weight. That makes it a lot harder. Luckily I'm not wanting  sweets but i am wanting a lot of carb loaded things like bread and crackers. :( 

    I wish i just wanted what i normally eat. Lean meats and veggies and some fruits. 

    Me 38   DH 34
    married 05-21-11 
    started TTC right away

    BFP- 10-16-14 EDD 6/13/15: MC 12-1-14 
  • I would try the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, apples, toast)....especially toast! Maybe even cereal.
    Try to get in a 1,000 cals a day if you can. It may not be easy, but do your best.
    Sorry you are so sick! :(

    And-- I had pains on my side, and still do sometimes. That may be from your uterus stretching.

    Hang in there!
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