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Help! Activites for a nanny to do w/two year old and infant

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We need help, we just had a baby 7 weeks ago and we also have an active 2 year old. I'm starting to feel so sad my toddler isn't getting as much attention as he once were. With us parents working full time it is hard for us to get them out most of the time. My 2 year old is also speech delayed and him not interacting with other toddlers doesn't help much. We have a nanny that comes from a few hours twice a week while I'm working (from home). She used to be able to take my toddler out of the house daily but with a 7 week old and it getting cooler outside that is no longer happening. I was thinking of putting him in a two's class or activity part time during the week that I'll be able to take him to. But when my nanny has both of them during the day what activities can you all suggest?, no PMs please.

Re: Help! Activites for a nanny to do w/two year old and infant

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    I recently bought our aupair the preschool busy book and toddler busy book.  They are like $7 on amazon and absolutely worth it. 
    I went through and picked a few activities for her to do with the kids, and made sure we had the supplies (they are usually things we have laying around the house anyway).  It was a good start to the kids coming up with some different games themselves and got everyone out of their rut. 

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    Story time at the library
    Play dates
    I would still have her take your toddler to the park or at least outside to play.
    Take baby for a walk, LO can help push the stroller
    Indoor gross motor, if you have room in the house:
    Tunnel, slide/climber, mini trampoline, baby yoga, tumbling, hide and seek, ball pit
    Sensory play
    Cooking activities
    Help with laundry, chores
    DS born 8/8/09 and DD born 6/12/12.
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    Coloring, blocks, lots of books for in the house. Outside activities could include library even outside of story time, a music class (which is also great for speech development), finding a friend who would like to have play dates, children's museum. At this age, kids don't really play together that much, and when they do there is almost no talking, so I wouldn't worry about a speech delay having an impact on his budding social life!
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    When I was home on maternity leave (I took 6 months) I had my 2 year old with my full time, we did play areas, parks, music at the library, train table at the book store.  With a baby that little you can do almost anything, as long as the 2 year old is contained when it comes time to feed the baby, which was the only problem with the book store or a library
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