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WWYD: Daycare turnover

Sorry for long post and being on mobile. Here is a little background. We switched daycares in June due to moving. I went back and forth at the time between putting DD in a daycare with a strong kindergarten readiness (KR) program vs. full-time pre-k at the local catholic school. Because we made the decision to have her go to public for kindergarten we opted to put her in the daycare because she would be with more kids who are going to her elementary school. When we toured the KR teacher had been in the same room for 7 years and we felt great about her teaching style etc… The kids knew their stuff. Fast forward to July she is promoted to an assistant director position at another center owned by the same company and her helper leaves the company. Two new teachers come onboard both leave in September because they were offered positions with the school system. Two new teachers start in September and one of the two leaves, a new one comes onboard, lasts a week is now gone my DD thinks she is out sick because she just stopped and showing up and they have not been able to reach her. I am at my breaking point. I feel that DD is not receiving the education I was sold because there is no consistency. I told the assistant director this today along with my concerns over her development. She still has trouble writing letters and comes home daily telling me all they were doing is playing. The sheets have little detail and no one seems to be able give me a solid assessment on her development because they are not there long enough. The assistant director told me she is going to be teaching in there until they find someone. I like her but I really want to see if I can get DD into the catholic school DH thinks we should just keep her at the center given the school year has started. I do work with her at home, but I have strong expectations that the center be providing at least fraction of the educational experience they sold us on, additionally why are all these teachers leaving seems strange to me. They advertise as a pre-school for the older kids and a daycare for the younger ones. They are in line with our county etc… that is why I have the educational expectations. Any opinions or personal experiences? Would you keep her there since it is already October? My DS also goes there but has not experienced turnover other than a teacher having a baby. He is only two so if I switched her to an actual school I would keep him there. I don’t think there is an issue with the school overall just that class. I do wonder if they expect too much from the teachers and are not paying to standard. For example my DD is supposed to have nightly homework that is supposed to be graded but due to the turnover that has been sporadic.
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Re: WWYD: Daycare turnover

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    The turnover would concern me, but I'd give it till the new year before I decide whether or not I would switch. It'll probably be an easier transition given the Christmas break.

    And I too find it odd that there is an expectation for homework at that age group. And graded? That just seems over the top. At 4 years old, I do expect there to be lessons and learning objectives, but definitely not stuff the kids would need to do at home.

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    I would wait it out.  A few months are not going to make or break your DD's academic career.  She's 4.  If she's a typically developing child, she will quickly rebound from a few months of not being taught her letters.  Another transition may be worse for her.
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    My middle went to a pre-pre-k that had homework. I was grateful it was optional and was not graded. She did it electively. When she went to actual pre-k homework was reading. 

    This probably belongs in a UO, but I honestly think, after having two kids in elementary who have made the transition, that as long as day care teaches letters, numbers, how to stand in line and raise your hand your kids are set.  I don't know if this is the case everywhere, but here, my reading before K child was bored out of her mind in K until the second semester.  DS will remain in Montessori (and likely still be reading, but in a less rigorous academic environment before kinder) and I am changing my focus on what I consider "readiness" and "prep". 

    I would leave the kids both where they are and reach out to the district to determine what they recommend for kinder prep, then ask if the DC/KR program can target the sporadic homework and curriculum in that direction.  It sounds like you have an opportunity to ask for that, as they have such high turnover right now. 

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    Thanks everyone great ideas and makes me feel better @2chatter‌ I do wonder if the kids would be board in kinder. I feel like we are told kinder expects x y and z yet my state only offers pre-k to disabled, English as a second language or low income students so I can only assume there will be kids who have never been in a school setting. Also great idea on calling the school system etc. @PrivacyWanted‌ As for the homework I only expect it because I was told to expect it and told she should have it done by Friday and it will be returned Monday. When she receives the folder back and the homework is still there not looked over and has new sheets or no sheets that is annoying because it does meant what was told to expect if that makes sense. Overall I could care less if she has it or not but make a decision and stick to it :).
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    I'm sorry, are you saying that your four year old is supposed to have homework??  In PRESCHOOL??

    This is the most age-inappropriate thing I've ever heard.  Children learn through play. 

    This. The turnover sucks but for me it would be about lack of strong relationships and care takers that aren't invested, NOT about lack of academic rigor. My son is in a well respected private school that only starts homework in first grade and firmly believe play is the foundation of learning.
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    Turn over sucks, but since this school is looking for teachers (as in, folks with a Bachelor's degree who are possibly also certified to teach) but they're probably not able to offer the pay/perks of a school district (summers off, state retirement plan, etc), it's going to be hard for them to find a good fit. You/your DD got the short end of the stick with timing. :/

    As for education in pre-K, the studies that have shown and tout the importance of early-childhood education all point to "soft skills" that children learn in Daycare and pre-school settings. Those skills are social, things like being able to take direction, sit quietly and pay attention (like during story time), play with other children and be able to handle conflict, etc. Those soft skills are the ones associated with higher rates of high school graduation and higher incomes in adulthood (let alone decreased likelihood of ending up in prison, addicted to drugs, etc). 

    So long as your child is developing normally and you are reading to her, singing songs with her, and otherwise being an involved parent, she's getting what she needs most from her 'school' experience right now by being in a nurturing, supervised environment with other children. A regular teacher would increase the nurturing and supervised aspects, but that could just as easily become an issue at a private school. 
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