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I know this sounds silly, but what do you use to soap up LO?  I have been using Johnson & Johnson baby wash and washcloth, but I find that this soap does not suds up very well on a washcloth.  Even when I make soapy water in a container and dip the washcloth, it does not seem very soapy.  It's easier to soap up my hands and clean LO that way, but not ideal.  Just wondering what you do.

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Re: Baths

  • I have been using her baby wash to make her a little bubble bath, and then just dipping the wash cloth in the water and rubbing it over her. She gets plenty clean and at the end of the bath we let the water run over her to rinse, my baby LOVES the sound and feeling of the running water though, so that's just what works for us.

    I'd also like to point out that for now she is either sink bathed or a couple of times I have pulled her into the bath tub with me, I haven't used our baby tub yet, she just seems too small for it.
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  • The bathtub we got came with a little I place some warm water and the soap in there and let the wash cloth soak up the soap. But I don't use a lot of soap because I don't want it to dry up his skin too much. As long as you clean up the important areas you should be fine
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  • I use my hands to wash him. I really just get the soap to lather enough to warm it up and then wash him up. He loves the bath and I use a small cup to pour water on him. I also start by washing his face with clean water and wash cloth and to wash the tiny bit of hair he has, I soap him up like the rest of his body and rinse by wiping the soap off with a wash cloth.
  • For J&J the bottle says it's not made with soap so it won't make suds like a regular wash. I put a few squirts in the bathtub and rinse LO off then I put some on the washcloth and wash him. I use three squirts on the cloth and it makes some pretty good suds.
  • We use Babo Botanicals lavender shampoo and body wash, it also works as bubble bath. We use the same brand (different type) for my oldest as well.

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  • We've been using J&J Naturals. I was putting the soap into her bathtub and then dipping the washcloth into it, but the last couple of times I put a squirt of it onto the washcloth. Both ways are equally effective. I get more bubbles on the washcloth than putting it directly into the bath water, but as mentioned before bubbles aren't needed to make the soap work.

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