Delayed AGAIN!!! (tearing hair out)

So, there was an error in filing the order to produce the BF and so he was not at court this morning.  We are now on the third reschedule in late November of a hearing that was supposed to take place in August.  I seriously almost bust out crying in the's just so frustrating!!!  There at least was a small good thing after court.  We were able to talk with the DA and GAL afterwards and chat about E and the great relationship we have with her older siblings.  That helps strengthen our position to keep placement of her vs a relative.  I'll take what I can get today!


Re: Delayed AGAIN!!! (tearing hair out)

  • Sorry for the bump in the road, but that's all it is! Hang in there!
  • Oh, Lori, this must be so frustrating. It pisses me off that E's birth parents won't do the right thing by her and terminate their rights voluntarily. I'm sure they have their reasons, but this doesn't seem fair to you and E. Keep your chin up!
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  • Thanks ladies! (I feel I'm saying that a lot lately)   I just feel this process is so unfair to E...she deserves an answer and the continued path to permanancy.  Thankfully she's too young to know what's going on, but it breaks my heart to think about older kids going through this process and how tough it is on them. 

    @CarolinaGirl2014 - I agree, I wish they would change their thinking.  But, I hope when you read this you realize how special and generous you are with the decisions you've made for A. 


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  • I'm so sorry!
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  • I am sorry...keeping you all in my thoughts!
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