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NYS Disability Leave

I applied for STD with my company, but was denied their coverage. I am now freaking out as my company does not offer any paid maternity leave. I am eligible for FMLA, but can not really take off 12 weeks unpaid. I have been doing some research on state disability benefits, and am pretty sure I can apply for them through NYS if my company doesn't cover. Has anyone ever done this? Any information would be helpful! Thank you.
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Re: NYS Disability Leave

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    Right, you can apply for short term disability for maternity leave in NYS, but it's very little money.

    At a previous company I worked for (where maternity leave was unpaid) a friend did this and I think got around 500.00 a month.

    Are you currently pregnant?  How far along are you?  Does your company offer paid time off (vacation days/ sick days) that you can save up and use towards your leave?  I know it sucks, but you might have to consider cutting your leave short.


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    Different STD policies cover things differently, but when I used STD for my maternity leave, I had to wait until after I had the baby and the FMLA paperwork from my doctor saying that I was not medically clear to work to apply for the benefit. 

    While I was still pregnant, I contacted the STD company and checked with them to make sure I had the correct paperwork ready to go to submit a claim and that my doctor knew the correct things to write on that paperwork (some plans need to it be spelled out that you can't work because of your illness/injury/recovery and not that you are taking the time off to care for the infant, for example; for my plan recovering from a vaginal birth counted the same as recovering from a surgery). 
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    Oh, dear... Do you know why you were denied STD? Have you not worked long enough for STD?

    I can't speak on NYS as I have no idea what that is. Must be a local state thing for you.

    It's great you have the protected leave but what a disappointing blow to now find out you won't get std. :-(
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    I am only about 8 weeks along. I applied for STD before i knew I was pregnant. They denied me based on their height/weight requirements, I'm about 20lbs over the "norm". I have been at my job for nearly 3 years, but now that I know I'm pregnant I'm sure they'll give me the "pre-existing condition" nonsense. 

    My company doesn't grant a set amount of vacation days per year, they're earned. I have, as of today, 14 hours of vacation time. And I'm sure I will need to use a day or two for doctors appointments along the way, so saving vacation/sick time isn't really an option. 

    Thank you all for the insight. 
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