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My kid cried

Tell us a funny/ridiculous/interesting reason why your child cried this week.
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Re: My kid cried

  • My kid cried because I took the fruit bowl off the table. I was so proud when she wanted a piece of fruit (she isn't a big fruit person) until she started taking it herself and ate a banana,orange, and apple in a very short period of time. No more fruit bowl for us (unless it has 1 piece of fruit and nothing more)
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  • I asked Ella for a kiss :-/
  • And I wouldn't let her eat a leaf
  • tondraluvtondraluv member
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    I farted........and I wasn't even trumphet loud.  It wasn't a whisper either though lol


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  • CanukMamCanukMam member
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    The last little piece of chocolate bar (mini bar from Halloween) came out of the wrapper, even though trying to eat it while still in the wrapper was impossible, he was obsessed with putting it back in and trying to stick his tongue in the wrapper. He screamed and cried when he couldn't get the bar back in the wrapper.

    He also freaks out when I don't put everything away immediately. Coat comes off and I had better hang it right up! Either he must put his dishes immediately in the sink or I have to convince him that I will do it before he will move on to anything else. Just this morning he was picking up my laundry and putting it in the hamper while saying 'mess mess'. This kid is more tidy then I am. I swear him and his Dad are conspiring to make mama more tidy.
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  • @CanukMam‌ can he teach my child that. It might help me get things done.
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  • I won't let him close himself in the bathroom, and last night I wouldn't give him a bite of my peach ring
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