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Help! What do I say

Ok so I'll try to be brief with this saga. A mom I met briefly in a dentists waiting room got me to agree to a play date between her 2nd grader and my 4yr old. I thought it was weird but agreed mostly because it caught me off guard and I didn't realize her quiet, small build child was that old. Anyway it's Wednesday and I do not want to continue making them play together. How do I get this across without being a jerk? I want my son to play with kids his own age. Also this woman is creepy weird. I feel sorry for her kid. Who at 7-8 wants to be set up with a 4 yr old stranger to play?
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Re: Help! What do I say

  • To be honest, I never would have said yes in the first place. There's no real easy way to tell her that you really don't want your children playing together, my only solution would be to keep making excuses/plans every time she sets up a play date, and eventually she'd take the hint...but, like I said, I'm not really sure what else to do, other than tell her how you feel .
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  • Just let her know you aren't comfortable with the age difference. I've always been an honesty is the best policy kind of person. Say you would rather him play someone his own age/development level. My oldest nephew is 7 and youngest nephew is 4 and they are at very different stages. You could say it's too hard to do play dates right now with your new LO and/or aren't wanting to take the new LO out much during flu season.

    I wouldn't just keep canceling/postponing because it will be harder for that mom when she does realize or you end up telling her you don't want the kids to play together.
  • Oh I thought she was weird because of the lecture she gave the receptionist about having general hospital on in a waiting room with children in it. That and the embroidered sweatshirt with kittens on it. And the insistence that her elder son go back to the car and pray for something he's been looking at on his phone.

    I was trying to condense my story with " weird"
    Lilypie - (JLjB)

  • So we just got invited to a different play date and I tried texting her. Except she gave me a landline damnit! I paid $.25 to send the text as voice, am such a coward.
    Lilypie - (JLjB)

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