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Hospitals in the medical center

Does anybody have insight to experiences any of these hospitals:  Texas Children's Hospital-The Women's Pavillion, Women's Center at Memorial Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital, or Methodist Hospital( medical center)??  Also- does anybody know about suites?  Worth the extra money?  Did you insurance cover it? We have really good insurance with a max out of pocket of $1,500 and I wondered if this would apply to costs associated with an upgraded room.  THANK YOU in advance for any and all responses :) 

Re: Hospitals in the medical center

  • I delivered at Women's in July. I had a fabulous experience. Everyone was so helpful. My baby had to go to NICU for a few hours and they kept me informed of everything. The room was spacious on our tour they showed us the suite. I wasn't that impressed. It was bigger and the bed for SO to sleep on was little bigger, but other than that not too different. We had visitors and everyone had plenty of room.
  • Hi there! I will deliver at Texas Children's Hospital- Women's Pavilion. I love everything about the doctors office and the hospital. The labor and delivery rooms are large and spacious. The postpardam rooms are a bit smaller but still comfortable. My doctor is wonderful, Dr. Longerot, she allows me to have how every many people present during delivery. I am not to sure about the suites, I would give the hospital a call I am sure they can answer your questions.
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  • I have delivered 2 babies at The Women's Pavilion and had outstanding experiences with my midwives both times. I am due again May and can't wait to deliver there again. Great nurses, decent food and just a peaceful and enjoyable experience.
  • I've heard great things about Texas Children's. My insurance network only covers Memorial Herman hospitals, so that's where I'll be delivering. I don't know anything about the suites.

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