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Not going full term due to the baby being really small :( scared only 29 weeks atm

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  • Why do you have iugr? Do you have a placenta or cord issue?
  • Placenta issue
  • Eat well, drink plenty of fluids and rest. I'm sure your doctor will be keeping a close eye on you.
  • Got scans every two weeks, I will do my best so she puts on weight in the next two weeks. That's least I can do
  • My DS had iugr and was born at 28wks but, was the size of a 24wker.   He is now three and awesome!  No big lasting complications from being iugr or being a preemie.  Just wanted to share our story as encouragement :)
    DH 10.22.05
    DD 12.12.08
    DS 2.16.11
    #3 5.25.15

  • I'm glad everything went fine for u x my daughter had iugr from 32 and was born at 38w but this one is from 28 so it's much sooner that the first 1. I'm going for the scan on the 10th so will know if she's grown anything, I pray she has. I'm on high protein diet now maybe that will help. Thank you for sharing ur story xx
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