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Hello, I was part of the January 2014 group.  My son, Leo, came a month early last December and 2 months after that I found out I was expecting AGAIN!  DH and I were super surprised but excited!   its a girl and she is due in 3 weeks.    :)  I just wanted to reach out and ask any other mommas with 2 under 1 year if they have any tips or advice to make it as smooth transition as possible.   I intend on breastfeeding and if LO2 makes it to her due date my kiddos will be 11 months apart.  I have no idea what to expect and, based on my experience with my first, planning is pointless since it never goes the way you plan!  I would just love to hear any feedback or advice from some BTDT mommas.  thanks!

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  • My boys are 17 months so I won't have much advice for you. But just take it one day at a time and everything is a phase! Congratulations! You'll rock the 2u1 thing!
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  • It's all survival for the first couple of months.

    TTC#1 for 19 months with PCOS and MFI IUI#3 + injectables = BFP!!!!  Beta#1-134(13dpiui) Beta #2-392(15dpiui) 
    #1 born December 2011
    TTC#2 - Beta #1 -51@10dpo Beta#2 -1353 @16dpo
    #2 born May 2013
    TTC # 3 June 2014 BFP 12-1-14
    #3 born August 2015 
    #4!!!!!!! due June 2017 
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  • lol Thx guys.  I have no idea what to expect.   Im excited and nervous at the same time!

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  • My 2 are 51 weeks apart. Like these ladies said. Survive. It is all about survival at first.

  • Just know that some days are going to be absolute shit and that's ok.  Sometimes you're going to listen to your babies cry and think you're failing but you're not.  It gets better faster than you think.  
  • Mine are 49 weeks apart and four and five. The best present I ever got was from my parents in the form of a mommy's helper for a couple of months. It made recovering from my csection doable. When my oldest turned two, I started to feel like I had things under control. Before that, was chaotic and stressful, but it does get better once they both sleep through the night. Good luck!
  • I thought that it was easiest the first couple months when the newborn slept all day. Now that mine is 4 months old and isn't sleeping as much it is harder. Taking It one day at a time right now...
  • Thanks again guys. I agree, once I get them both sleeping thru the night, it I'll get easier.

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