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The opposite of a crockpot - pressure cookers

Does anyone use a pressure cooker?  After reading the overcooked crockpot post I'm wondering if a pressure cooker would be a good alternative in getting a dinner made quickly but perhaps not overcooking.  I'm never used one so I honestly have no idea.

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Re: The opposite of a crockpot - pressure cookers

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    I have an electric one (rather than a stove top one) that I love and use weekly. It's wonderful in that I don't have to worry about starting the crockpot early on Saturday or Sunday, I can start it an hour before hand and food is ready in time for dinner. I love that it can take frozen boneless chicken breasts and have them fully cooked in less than 45 minutes (ready to be shredded, cut, or whatever I want for dinner). It makes brown rice in less than 30 minutes w/o any attendance from me. It's awesome. Completely worth having around when one is a busy person who still wants to make home made meals.
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    This is interesting to me. Might end up on my Christmas list. Because I never remember to thaw meat, and that is a real issue some nights.
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