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Screaming to sleep

Looking for advice, or just that others have gone through this. Our LO is 21 months. He used to go to sleep great on his own both for naps and bedtime. We took the paci away a few months ago and it was an adjustment but it seems like ever since then he has trouble going to sleep. Of course feeling guilty for taking the paci I started rocking him to sleep for bedtime. The past couple weeks when going to bed he just screams. I have reverted back to he CIO method as I've seen if I go in there it just makes the process longer. He really only cries for less than 10 minutes but I feel terrible that he is going to sleep like that. He doesn't have problems sleeping once he gets there. At day care though his max nap is 1.5 hours usually. All the other kids sleep for 2 + hours so I feel bad that she has to get up with him and be quiet until the other kids wake up. We switched day care 3 weeks ago and he seems to have adjusted well, but could this be contributing to it? Any other ideas out there mammas? TIA!! 
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Re: Screaming to sleep

  • We've had a few phases like this where he gets fussy and cries at bed/nap time. And in the middle of the night. As long as I know there's nothing else contributing to it (sickness, teething, etc.) I try to stick to my guns and make him go back to sleep on his own. We've actually had a couple "rough" nights this week at 22 months (not really that bad, but out of the norm).  It's hard - just when you think they've got it together, something changes and throws it off. 
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  • My son would cry for a little while after putting him down too and we would just let him cry. It would only take about 10 minutes as well then he was out for the rest of the night. I decided to push his bed time back half an hour and that made a huge difference. I think he wasn't tired enough before. Now we put him down and he doesn't make a sounds. Good luck!
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