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period started

My period started yesterday. Baby is only 3 months.  Anyone else start early?  With my first it didn't happen until 8 months. With my second it was 3 months as well and my supply wasn't the greatest I found out after he weaned himself like 8 months...he was getting up at night alot to eat again, etc.)  I really want to nurse more.....I go back to work in a month too and will be pumping, but since I am a teacher there are only certain times I can pump....I am afraid my supply is going to drop sooner than I want.  Anyone else start this early and have success nursing longer??? Thanks.

Re: period started

  • I started just at 3 1/2 months. Supply dipped for 3-4 days but then picked back up. Just keeping at it worked for me. I'm now waiting to see if my cycle is back to normal

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