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Allergy testing and lactose intolerance

Does anyone know anything about lactose intolerance? How long it should last etc? We found out one of our twin girls was lactose intolerant at 4 mths she is now 8 mths and still gets the symptons with even the tiniest bit of anything with lactose in it. We are also getting them allergy tested in case it's a milk allergy but I don't know much about it so and advice and insight would be very much appreciated! TIA

Re: Allergy testing and lactose intolerance

  • I am lactose intolerant. If she is lactose intolerant now, she probably will be for life. You can buy lactose free dairy products and there are pills that aid lactose digestions called lactase. The pills help some if dairy ingestion is unavoidable, but the best thing you can do is get used to not serving dairy. Sorry!
  • Thank you for your reply! We had her tested for allergies and she doesn't have any so I guess it isn't just a milk allergy, she was tested for lactose intolerance when she was younger but the doctor said she would grow out of it but he must have been wrong. This is why I was confused. Thank you again!
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  • She is lactose intolarent. She is on a lactose free formula
  • My daughter is lactose intolerant she's almost 2 now, we found out she was lactose intolerant when we switched her to milk so I don't know much about dairy free formula, but I wanted to share somethings I have found as your daughter gets older. She drinks almond milk- we buy it at Costco(so much cheaper) and we have found that whole foods and trader joes are our best friends. My husband and I are very consious not to make her feel like she can't eat what everyone else is. We buy soy American cheese, coconut yogurt, almond string cheese dairy free ice cream. It's somtimes hard to find it but you can get almost anything dairy free now. We even found a vegan bakery not far from our house that makes birthday cakes, cupcakes etc. and for us we just make sure we offer to bring things that we know we need to substitute. For example this year I'm bringing the mashed potatoes for thanksgiving bc I'm going to make a reg batch and one with lactose milk(the best for cooking) and margerin. At school I always bring the cupcakes for the parties. And just to second pearlvirus the easies thing to do would just make your house dairy free, but that is much easier then done. I have tried but substitutes just do not that as good and sometimes u just want the real thing. The good thing is that my daughter developed it so early that she will never know the difference and when she gets older she can take the pills, but for now we just substitute.

    Also, if she eats dairy by accident. Which sometimes does happen. Grandma forgets and gives her the wrong yogurt. She takes another kids food at school. We found that a little liquid antacid and baby gas drops help. Pediatric GI gave us the dosage. ; )
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