Identical twins - sharing a sac?

Hi ladies!! The hubby and I found out a few days ago we're having identical twins. We're 7 weeks along. This is such a blessing being we conceived via IVF and only one egg was transferred.

My question is I'm nervous about finding out when we'll know if the kiddos will have their own amniotic sacs. This will determine the risk of the pregnancy. Does anyone know when this can be determined via ultrasound??

Re: Identical twins - sharing a sac?

  • Yes this can be determined via US ... They will also be looking for a membrane. My OB couldn't find one and had me go to the hospital where I plan to deliver to have an US made w better technology and more experienced techs. I believe they detected the membrane and sacs at 10wks ... Sometimes it's not very visible early on. My twins share one placenta w 2 separate sacs (Mono/Di Twins) yes these are considered very High Risk.

    They ended up having TTTS which is rare (only 15% of these types of twins get this ) and I am monitored weekly at the moment w limited activity. I also ended up having a procedure 2wks ago.

    I wouldn't worry just yet , just keep all your apts. Best of luck to you & Congrats !

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    I think the membrane separating the sacs can be v hard to see early on - some mo/di mommas don't see it until 10-13w and some even later than that.

    Mo/mo twins are exceptionally rare, so chances are you'll find a membrane in the next month or so. Congrats!!

    (I have di/di twins)

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  • I have mono-di girls from an IVF one embryo transfer that split. The membrane was found in the 7th week. I had to be monitored closely during my pregnancy but did not develop TTTS. Usually mono-di twins are delivered by 37 weeks. Congrats on your pregnancy!

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  • Thank you!!!! So helpful :)
  • They can determine through U/S the membrane and single placenta was found with my girls at our first appt at 8wks. @jenn06L80...thanks for that tip about the 37...we haven't discussed a goal date with my doc yet but that's the timeline I've set in my's approaching so fast!
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  • Good info! I am so nervous to find out how mine are in there!
  • They could see it at the 12 week ultrasound for my identical twins.  FWIW, it is very rare for them not to have their own sacs, but I remember being worried about it as well.  Best of luck to you and your babies!

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  • Can anyone tell from my profile pic what mine are?? If I had known to ask the Dr. or tech I would have..they didn't say anything about how many sacs or placentas there are, just wondering if anyone has an educated guess..(I realize we're not doctors and won't be taking this as medical advice and will definitely ask the Dr. at my next appointment)
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  • I have 7 week old identical (mo/di) twins.  We found out I was having twins at my 8 week scan.  I was immediately referred to a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist because Identical twins are high risk, and the u/s machine at the first facility was not strong enough to detect the separating membrane.   The specialist found the membrane at about 10 weeks and confirmed that they shared the placenta.  I received u/s every two weeks for the rest of my pregnancy (until the last month) and was told I would deliver somewhere around 36 weeks.


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