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Hi ladies,
I am a new lurker and wouldn't even consider myself ready for this community yet, so I'm hoping that it's okay if I post a quick question. I'm in that wonderful limbo between finishing treatments, making peace with IF and moving forward to adoption. What I'm wondering is if any of you can recommend any specific reading that would help us get closer to being ready for adoption. I completely understand that there is no quick-fix and this process will take time (and probably some counselling), but I respect your experience and any ideas would be helpful.
I appreciate your time!
30 yrs, healthy & TTC since April 2010 
DH 32yrs & healthy
*unexplained infertility* 

Regularly access alternative medicine to supplement a lack of resources in our geographical area.
  • Three rounds of clomid (50mg days 3-7) were useless.
  • IUI#1 w/clomid & HCG in May 2013, BFN.
  • IUI#2 w/clomid & HCG on July 23rd. BFN.
  • IUI #3 in August cancelled last minute, due to lab error.
  • IVF#1 - Started Gonal F stims October 13 2013 for IUI. Over-responded with too many follicles, so converted to IVF. Retrieval October 29th - got 5 eggs, 4 fertilized. Had 2 perfect little embryos transferred on day 3 (Nov. 1). The remaining 2 didn't survive to freeze. Got our BFN on November 13th 2013.
  • IVF#2 - Started stims August 21st. Triggered with Suprefact, started on dostinex due to risk of OHSS. Retrieval September 5th - got 27 eggs! 21 embryos on day 3. Embryos deteriorated quickly. ESet 5day blast on Sept 10. No embryos high enough quality to freeze. BFN came Sept. 22.

Reserved a semi-known proven donor in August .

Waiting for consult/screening and protocols with estimated fresh cycle timing in October


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