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Can LO be picky about taste of milk?

LO is 7w and is feeding on expressed BM that was once frozen and suppl FF.  When I give her straight BM, she cries and is hard to feed her, but when I mix  alittle with formula, she'll take it with LESS fuss.  Plus, we've tried 4 different bottles.  She used to be on Avent with no problems, then she started eating with a huge mess, mostly milk on her bib. The playtex drop ins looked similar with mess, Joovy made her gag and now we're on Dr Browns - ugh.  She was eating fine (less mess) for 7d, then started making mess again, exactly like avent bottles.  Its like she's spitting some of it out as she's eating.  So, should I make it mostly formula and not BM to see if it's milk?  I don't get why she used to be fine with avent and dr browns, and then she becomes sloppy/lazy after a week like she doesn't like the taste of milk.  Just curious if others experience something like this. 
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Re: Can LO be picky about taste of milk?

  • Thanks. I was more concerned about why she refused to take bottle/milk at times so I guess I crammed a lot of info in one msg to give the whole picture. Thanks for the input.
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  • My LO only takes the bottle when he's really hungry, or else he only eats a little from the bottle. I chalk it up to he either doesn't care for the nipple it he just liked my smell because it calms him.
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  • thank you. It is actually the first time I used frozen milk. That was very interesting.
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  • I think I have too much lipase in my milk. My LO would scream and fight the bottle any time she was offered pumped milk. I noticed it smelled soapy and tried scalding it the next time I pumped. She still associates the bottle with gross milk but once we get her to drink she is much more cooperative.
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