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Belly band?

I had a c section on Tuesday andi was wondering if anyone used a band after their surgery? I feel like my lover stomach above incision is very heavy and that makes it hard to do things.i think the band would help support it. Does anyone have recommendations on a brad or stories of when they used them? Thanks Jen
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Re: Belly band?

  • I did, but my hospital gave me one. I really liked the extra support. Sorry I don't have a name to give you, but I do recommend using one.
  • I did not use one and felt fine.

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  • I bought the c-panty and a abdominal binder for my last c section. I didn't really use them.. personally, it was too hard for me to even get in a position to actually get them on and feel comfortable. But the products themselves seemed fine.
  • I used an abdomend, it comes with an extra support belt to. $68 on Amazon
  • Yes yes yes to the abdominal binder.
  • I used the one the hospital gave me.  On my third day home my SIL came over and asked if I had one, I said yeah but I hadn't bothered with it.  She was like no, you need it.

    Her and MH put it on me...someone else doing it can get it nice and tight.  OMG, it was soooo comfortable.  I couldn't believe I hadn't been wearing it all along.  It was also nice to help hold up my now too big yoga pants.
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  • Ask the hospital for one. Check with your doc first to see if they will provide it though, I know not all hospitals do.

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  • The hospital gave me a procare one- you can also get them on amazon for $20. Had my c section On Monday and have been having a great recovery so far- I credit the band. It helps support and tighten everything back together. Never used the belly bandit but wouldn't waste the $$$- the procare one is just as good and comfortable.
  • I did not use one. My doctor feels you heal faster without it. I don't know if that's the case but I healed just fine (am 15 weeks now).

  • I had one from the hospital but even swollen, I am very petite so it started to be way too big fast when swelling was lowering, so I bought the smallest C-Panty on the market - still wasn't tight enough - and then an XS size Belly Bandit which was the best fit to get it tight. My only regrets are that I didn't get the right size soon enough, and use it more early on. I'm almost fully convinced if I had I would have almost 0 "shelf" and a pretty flat tummy again. It really helps shape your stomach back. I wish someone had told me that but of course I planned on a vaginal birth that turned emergency with complications at the last minute. I don't think it affects healing rate necessarily with/without one, but I definitely saw a difference in stomach shape, and I think once you are a few weeks out and it's started to fully heal, you can't do much about the leftover pooch. So now I have a huge pooch and I really wish I had used it more, I was just in a lot of pain from complications and blood tranfusions and excessive swelling >.<
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