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Preemie eating/sleeping troubles! :( - UPDATE

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I'm sure I should be posting on a different board, but since this is my 'home board', I'm curious to see others advice!

My baby Grayson is a month old now! He has bad reflux therefore he has to have rice cereal in his formula. In turn, this rice cereal has made him constipated and today he is just miserable. In the NICU we had an every 3 hour eating schedule that he seemed to wake up for pretty well and we've implemented at home, HOWEVER, now that he's constipated he's so fussy and in pain that he's up a lot whining and crying and then when he does get to sleep, he wants to sleep through his feeding times.

I've woken him up when it was time but he's usually too tired and it seems to forced for him to eat that it always seems to puke it up through his mouth and nose. Should I be waking him up and striving to stay on a schedule or just go with the flow? I feel like I can't win!

We've tried gripe water for the gas and he can't keep it down due to it's thick/stickiness. We've tried adding dark karo syrup which, again, he has a hard time keeping down.

Suggestions? :/ :(

UPDATE: OK! It's been 3 days that I've fed LO without the rice cereal and he's keeping it down perfectly! thank goodness....
Simultaneously (he still seems in pain and constipated) so I've been giving him a couple oz of apple juice mixed with baby water and adding in a dab or dark karo syrup. This was what my ped advised me to do and it's not done much for him. He was one almost normal bowel movement this morning but nothing since then (abt 10 hours now) & he's grunting non stop and seems, still, in pain. I called back to ask what I should do and they advised me to do the apple juice for another 2 days. I don't understand why! I feel so bad for him :/

We've done countless bicycle kicks & tummy massages as well....I guess we'll see :/


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Re: Preemie eating/sleeping troubles! :( - UPDATE

  • My pediatrician said one ounce a day of cooled camomile tea to ease gas and it helped though ultimately I switched formulas.
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    Talk to your pedi, but I would use Prune juice or pear juice for the constipation. I'm not sure how much or how often, so ask your pedi. Also, I'd imagine they'd still want you to feed him when pretty often, but, again, ask your pedi as I am not a dr, just giving advice I've seen about this topic before.
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  • Yikes.  Sounds like you have the perfect storm.  :(  Sorry to hear.

    So, I would talk to you pedi about other options for the reflux.  The cereal could be causing the constipation and there are definitely other methods out there for treating reflux.  My LO was 6 weeks premature and had the reflux bad when he came home.  He is on zantac and at 2 months, we were moved off the 22cal formula (super hard on the tum) onto a milk allergy formula.  He doesn't have a milk allergy, but because it's an elemental formula, it's easier to digest and is good for babies with reflux (according to my pedi).  

    Good luck!


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  • Update above...we can't win! Poor guy...


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