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I'm returning to work from ml Monday. I'll be working pt, 4 days, with one day working from home. My DD will be 12 weeks & my DS is 3 1/2. Even though this is my 2nd time around I'm still worried about the transition. They will both go to DC 3 days a week. I'm excited to be interacting with adults again but am gonna miss my snuggle time and not looking forward to pumping. She's also been refusing a bottle lately, so I'm worried about that as I work an hour away and won't be able to nurse. Although she has taken bottle ok when I'm not there in the past. Sorry for the length if my message. Nice to meet eveyone!

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    Welcome! And good luck Monday. I was much more worried about the transition with #2 but I actually hit my stride much more quickly and easily this time. So try not to worry!
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    Welcome! My DD also goes to DC three days a week (mon, tues, Thurs) and I work from home one day as well. Good luck with the transition!
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    Good luck! I also hit my stride more easily the second time.
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