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Polo? Anyone out there? What's new folks? @clgsquared‌ @tondraluv‌ @Grace0609‌ @elbou‌ @danuli8‌ I'm sure I'm missing some other people I haven't heard from in a while. Coffee hasn't kicked in yet. So just pipe in!

Nothing new with me. Both kids are alive and well, parents are alive and well, husband is alive and well, we're still (miraculously) married. Just same old same old! Now your turn!
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Re: Marco!

  • @none5‌ - would you be using frozen embryos or do you have to go through the collection process again? It sounds stressful and exhausting either way. :/ hope you and your H can reach some agreement on what to do.

    And congrats on the new house!
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    [Deleted User]none5
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  • @Grace0609‌ what were baby 4 symptoms that Zantac is needed?
    My DS is a nightmare after eating all he does is cry 90% of the time
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  • Ahhhh @mrandmrsk91011‌, your husband found a job?!? Woohoo!!!
    "As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen." ~Winnie the Pooh
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  • Hi all - on my iPad and I hate typing on it so this is short... Wish you'd all join the fb page! Glad to hear the happy updates and sorry about the not as happy ones. James was on Zantac for reflux and it made a huge difference. He arched and cried a d projectile spit up everything until then. Anna is good... I am tired... Xxoo
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  • Polo, days later!!!!!!! Work has been killing me, I promise i'll be back on more after the elections tomorrow. I had to do a lot for the California Prop 45 blah blah blah. Just glad it's pretty much done with


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  • A much delayed polo here too! Life has been crazy the last little while, starting a couple of Sundays ago, when hosted a post (Canadian) Thanksgiving dinner for a dozen of our friends. It was tons of fun, but to make room for everyone in our tiny kitchen, we had to move all non-essential furniture into the office which completely blocked my desk. Once that was finally cleaned up, and moved back, we were in the middle of a jam-packed week and a half ending with my SIL moving out!!  Translation: we finally have the space to move DS out of our bedroom!!!! :D (Too bad the first night in his own room, he ended up crying inconsolably for half the night, and then puking on me before finally settling down. :( )

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