A little intro

Good morning ladies. I have been silently stalking this board for a while now and figured it was time to say hello.

After a couple of years of infertility I would would come over here to get some hope. You all have gotten me through some rough times so thank you.

DH and I always knew that if we were unsuccessful with IVF then adoption was our next steps. Well here we are after 2 failed fresh IVFs and 3 failed frozen cycles. We still have 1 foot in the IVF room and 1 foot in adoption. We are giving it it one more go because we have amazing insurance and we feel like we would always wonder. But our hearts tell us adoption is the path that will lead us to our family.

I've been in contact with some.agencies and have been reading Adoption For Dummies. We want to go with private domestic adoption and so we are just trying to collect as much information as possible. We live on Long Island and Any advice or recommendations are welcomed!

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