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Pregnant after 35

Told my parents.......

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And wow are they happy. lol

My dad, who is a lot like my husband that caught me by surprise. Big time. It was so awesome to see them so so so excited.

When i had my daughter 18 years ago I came to them as a 19 year old with news that I knew wasn't ideal. It as really quite the experience to tell them in a fun and creative way. After all the commotion, tears and hugs settled down I said really loud "Hey Daddy, I did it in the right order this time!!" (marriage then baby) He laughed so hard he almost choked. 

It only took me 18 years to get it done the right way......but hey, I didn't marry till I was 34 :P

My daughter got the good news at the same time too. We decided to surprise all of them at the same time. She is happy too. Also tears. It made me feel real genuine joy. I was happy already but to see my families reaction just made this so much better. 
Me 38   DH 34
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started TTC right away

BFP- 10-16-14 EDD 6/13/15: MC 12-1-14 
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