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nwmr easy kid friendly broth based soups without beans?

between the 2 of them, I feel like there are very few meals that everyone in our family will eat anymore...and I refuse to make multiple with fall/winter upon us I'd love to make more soups but they generally find something "ewww disgussstttingggg" about all of them. Neither one will eat beans so that is out. both love chicken noodle but that is boring to have all the time. They won't touch anything creamy like a cream of anything, or something that is blended up like a potato type soup, or pumpkin/butternut squash (which I get when we go out all thetime and try to get them to taste and they'll lightly touch their tongue to the spoon and then deem it disgusting.)

So other than chicken noodle & vegetable (which DS will eat from Wolfgang Puck canned but DD will not touch because it is RED) I am at a loss> I would love to make things like minestrone or lasagna soup, etc but between the tomatoes & the beans, it will be fully rejected (yes, I've tried. :) ). 
I do make tortellini soup w/ spinach & some crushed tomatoes & they're willing to at least pick the tortellini out of it so at least me & MH get to eat something we like!

Would love suggestions...

Re: nwmr easy kid friendly broth based soups without beans?

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    How do they feel about cheese based soups? Broccoli cheese? Or cheeseburger soup? Or taco soup? Take heart. My 2 year old refuses to eat soup at all because she thinks it's weird to not drink liquid from a cup. Lol. DH is borderline the same way, so he gets the "guts" of the soup with almost no broth, she gets pure "soup guts" and I eat actual soup. (Sorry, I have no clue what to call soup without liquid, so I have deemed it "soup guts." Totally realize I'm weird.)
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    groovygrlgroovygrl member
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    tricia560 said:
    We make a version of tortellini/spinach soup too!  Ours has italian sausage, and we add cooked chicken sometimes to stretch it.  We also sometimes make the same soup but substitute gnocchi for the tortellini-you may want to try that, they end up being like mini dumplings.  Yum.
    ETA recipe link:

    Or how about a potato soup where you just don't blend the potato?
    Good call, they'd like the sausage or chicken. I have gotten chicken and dumpling soup before and.... "ew these noodles are disgusting.". ARRGGHHH! 
    Neither one will eat potatoes in any form except fries (i have tried roasted, potato skin style, sliced, with cheese, baked w/ cheese, mashed, etc.... very frustrating) but maybe a potato soup w/ other stuff they'd eat would help...

    I have tried taco and cheeseburger type soup in the past...maybe will have to try again. Problem is that I always put some sort of veggie (eg chopped green pepper) and they get their eyes on it and immediately reject...but I will give those a try again, they might give it a go again this year. They also won't eat chili :(.  It sucks. DD won't eat anythign w/ a tomato product anymore, including pizza.... but guess what, it is payback, I went anti tomato/tomato sauce on my mom at the same age, it is crazy...
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    vvvvvfeevvvvvfee member
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    italian wedding soup? this recipe is basically what i do, except i usually use spinach and don't bother with the egg drop part of it. (of course you could leave the greens out for the kids)

    edit, thought of a few more things: you could also do a white minestrone (no tomato), and just leave out the beans in the kids' servings.

    i also like this basic alphabet soup recipe. i've made it with and without the tomato and actually prefer it without.

    or- wonton/dumpling soup? you can microwave frozen dumplings (trader joe's has good ones) and put them in chicken broth with some veggies, like shredded carrots or greens. egg drop soup might also be an unobjectionable option (swirl beaten eggs in boiling chicken broth, add a few dashes of sesame oil and soy sauce, add black pepper to taste. add chopped green onions if you want.)
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    I have no ideas. But I commiserate. My kids are irrationally picky about soups. I really want to do soup once a week but haven't found any that they enjoy. Grrrr....
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    My kids will not eat soup of any kind.  I am hoping DD will cave soon.  DS probably will never like soup.  My mom doesn't like soup, either, so maybe it's genetic. :)

    Chicken and rice?  Minestrone without beans?  Beef stew?  Meatball soup?

    I love soup, so I just serve it with grilled cheese.  I like tomato and red pepper.

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    I don't go here but I saw this and had to share.  These are 2 of my all time favorite soups, and they're super easy.

    For the 2nd, I always add random extra vegetables, so it's easy to mix it up.  You can maybe skip the butternut squash, and use zucchini/yellow squash instead, which I often do.
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    My easiest soup happens to be favorite with the kids:
    - Mix ground turkey with one beaten egg.
    - Bring water or broth to a boil.
    - Form tiny meatballs (that would fit into a teaspoon) and drop into the soup. It only takes five minutes. Just stand with the bowl of ground meat at the oven and form and drop them one by one. It helps to dip hands into cold water to avoid meat from sticking.
    - As soon as the water starts boiling again drop in chopped veggies. Use watever your kids will eat - for us it's potatoes, carrots and string beans.
    - Keep everying on medium low heat (just enough for a low boil) for about 30-40 minutes.
    - I like to also throw in a couple sticks of celery and a whole peeled onion.I don't chop those because the kids don't like their chunks. But just boiling it whole and then throwing out gives the soup a little extra taste and nutrients.
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    Sorry I didn't read the responses. I have an extremely picky eater, but of everything she is most willing to eat some soup. Egg drop, anything with rice (yuck not my favorite), wedding soup with orzo, she will even eat split pea if I put a healthy amount of plain greek yogurt in it.

    Goldfish are also the key to getting her to eat soup. I'm struggling with her eating so much that I will take the small amount of soup that she eats with the fish. Oh buy my DS who is a pretty good eater, is not a big fan of soup. It is too much work for him and not very appealing...go figure.

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    Hmm.  I'm not sure.  DD LOVES soup and will usually gobble it up but I mostly make cream soups because that's what I like.  I guess you could do what another poster was saying just not blend it. Giada has an AMAZING butternut squash soup on the foodnetwork.  It is super easy and delicious.  You could just leave it chunky.
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