Weekend Update (wish I could be as funny as SNL)

So what's going on ladies?

It is supposed to be an AMAZING weather weekend here in Wisco...60's and sunny!!  Probably our last hurrah before old man winter gets here!

Tonight we're having another couple over for dinner.  We are due two weeks apart and have been enjoying going through this journey together.

Tomorrow we have our God-daughter's 2nd birthday party.

Aside from my hubby trying to finish the ceiling in E's room before his mom arrives Monday to paint the walls...there is nothing going on!!  We need a quiet weekend after that last one!!


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Re: Weekend Update (wish I could be as funny as SNL)

  • @lorifromwi‌ you always sound so sociable!

    Tonight I travel to A's town. My sister lives there so I'm staying with her and having a girl's night.

    Tomorrow is my visit. Mixed emotions going into it, but mostly happy and excited. I just want her in my arms again. When she goes down for nap, her mom and I are getting lunch. Happy about that.

    Tom night, I'm going to a bonfire that s couple friend is hosting.

    Sun, there's lots going on at my church so I'll be there most of the day, then a friend get-together again (complete with wine, of course).

    I love the kids I keep, but it's been a rough week of colds and general fussiness, so I'm looking forward to a break.
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  • @CarolinaGirl2014 - I'm actuallly a huge introvert!  I just play the socialite on TV!  :)

    Enjoy your weekend!  Breathe about the will be great and they will get easier!


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  • We will also be enjoying the nice Wisconsin weekend. It's Badger homecoming, and we'll be at the Gabe tomorrow. Love the Badgers.

    No other big plans for the weekend. We need to get some cleaning done on Sunday. Lame.
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  • We're in CA. My dad had heart surgery this morning. He's doing well all things considered
  • I was supposed to be working Fright Night at my church- but I'm down with some sorta cruddy respiratory infection and can't jump out and scare people or scream. So- last night I went to bed at 8:25 and woke up at 7:30 this morning. Today I've kicked it at home with my kid while my hubs went to volunteer at a First Books event, when he came home I took a shower. Now we're heading to the mall and then to my Uncle's 62nd bday party (I can muster the energy to sit on a couch and eat food cooked by other people). Then tomorrow, we're taking the bean for a haircut and his October/Halloween pictures and probably grocery shopping since I have no cookable healthy food in the house.
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  • @Dr.Loretta - I hope your dad's recovery goes well and is quick!


    @maryoosa - are you sure a hacking cough wouldn't scare the heck outta people these days?  :)  Seriously though, I hope you feel better soon!


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