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Baby memory book?

I don't know if this has been discussed (if so I haven't seen it). Where did/are you buying a baby book from? I'm not really sure where to look, but I'd like to find something before this little guy gets here. 

Re: Baby memory book?

  • I got both books at Hallmark. There is a page for baby footprints. Our hospital does those for you. :)
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    I'm using a calendar because I've found it much easier.  You add stickers to the day they meet a milestone and then every time I flip to the next month I just take the calendar down and fill in the information on the top.  I even add current events: i.e. elections, wars, Royal/celeb weddings/births, sporting champa, ect.
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  • I'm a scrapbooker, so I'm making my own book.  I'm planning on bringing it to the hospital with a blank piece of paper for hand and foot prints!
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  • I got mine at BBB with a gift card we had been given.


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  • Just strolled into BBB and got the least hideous one (did the same with DS last time)
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  • I ordered mine from Amazon, should be delivering today.   :)

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  • Got one at babies r us that has pages up to 5 years old. I'm not a scrapper (I wish!) But this book basically lays everything out for you. I'm bringing it to the hospital for our family, visitors and nsg staff to sign (like a guest book) and write a note to the new baby. The book also has blank pages and you can buy refills if needed. I love it
  • I got one at TJ Maxx. It's Carter's and it was only $5.99.
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  • @lovebuggies1 ;   Good call on the newspaper!   Thats a cool idea  :)

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  • We found ours at hallmark
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  • Thanks, ladies. I think I found a couple online I am going to order, and I will return my least favorite of the two. 

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  • I ended up splurging on one from Etsy (ruby love).  I am not a scrapbooker/journalist.  I tried to keep a pregnancy journal but was completely inconsistent.  I am hoping because I spent $$$ on this book that I'll be better about it.  Plus having questions instead of blank pages might make it easier.  FYI I know some folks like calendars instead of baby books, this one has a calendar as well as the typical baby book stuff.
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  • I will probably also go with filling in a blank scrapbook. I guess it's just personal style, but for me when I went to look in stores at baby books the amount of information they were asking me to fill out was way excessive and seemed unnecessary. It will be a fun project for DH and I to design our own set of fun memories for baby :)
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  • I just picked mine up today at Barnes and Noble. I like it because it has pockets for me to drop in trinkets and three small envelopes for keepsakes. It also came in a protective box. it wasn't cheap though so I plan using it till it's completely full!
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  • I'm bringing blank card stock to the hospital so I can then figure out what to do. We got a blank page guest book at our wedding with our name embossed which I loved. Will probably do that again as so few books have any twin things. And the ones that do are way too cutesy for me. Hope I have the energy to do it
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  • bethas said:
    I am most likely doing mine scrapbook-style, in Project Life format.  I may go digital on this, but I haven't decided yet. 

    That being said, I may break down and buy one too, just to have.  'Cause I'm a memory keeper like that. 
    This, but not digital format because I want it to be more scrap style with all the moments you collect...first haircut, etc...
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  • Barnes and noble
  • I used a carters brand baby book with DS and loved it! Everything is already laid out for you & you just have to fill everything out & add the pictures! I really kept up with his book & it is totally complete (the last page was the first day of school!). I got the same brand for DD's book & am determined to keep up with it & complete it like I did for SDAs :)
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    I got mine at Amazon. I have tons of pictures of our little one and this book has a spot for everything :) from when my husband and I got married to our son's first day at preschool. It’s MyKeepSet…it includes a baby memory book, clay for foot/hand print, 9inch picture frame box, and 10 DIY hanging frames. It is gender neutral so it is great as gift also. Here’s the link:
    Hope this helps!

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