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Eating- need some reassurance!

We started feeding my LO when he turned 5 months because he seemed really ready! We started slowing with oatmeal cereal and then purees. He was really excited for about two days, and then would eat (not nearly as excited). Now he doesn't seem to want anything. No oatmeal, no purees. I gave him a banana and he loves to "play" with it and gnaw a little. I know this sounds like he's just not ready, but I just want to make sure since he was so excited when we first gave him food. Has this happened to anyone? He's now 6 months and this seems like the "magic age" where all babies are being fed. I keep telling myself he's probably just not interested. He's exclusively BF if that helps any.

I definitely think I want to try baby-led weaning instead of the oatmeal and purees. I just need to read the book and familiarize myself! TIA for any advice/reassurance.

Re: Eating- need some reassurance!

  • I think it's normal if babies are less interested by food sometimes - they're just like adults : their appetite is not always the same everyday! If you keep offering him a selection of fresh food, his interest should come back quick.

    I'd be more concerned if he was getting dehydrated or if he started losing weight, but if he's still BF and drink well, he should be fine if he's less interested in solids for a few days. Good luck! :-)

  • They go through phases.  They all do it.  Remember that breast milk or formula should be their main source of calories for the first year.  Any solid food at this age is just for fun and for practice.
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  • My daughters go through periods where they love their food the diss the milk and other times it's the other way around. Don't worry to much he will let you know when he wants it, just keep trying but try not to force it either, when he wants it you will know
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