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Has anyone here heard of or had themselves a heart shaped uterus? My midwife just told me yesterday that there's a strong possibility that I do. She also explained all the complications that come with that, and how miscarriage is very much more possible now. I'm wondering if anyone else was told this and if it caused any complications

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  • hi there... I do not have a bicornuate uterus aka heart-shaped uterus but I do have a unicornuate.  if you have questions check out the Mullerian Anomalies group on Yahoo.  Lots of ladies with all types of anomalies on there that can chat/answer questions about pre-conception, conception, pregnancy, birth and babies.

    also remember, although your doc mentioned complications, it does not mean they can/will happen to you.  it is in your best interest to be informed, so your doc is just doing a good job in letting you know what could happen when you have a uterine anomaly.  stay positive :)
  • I had one with DS2 and had no complications. I was a little nervous about miscarriage chances so waited to tell a lot of people until about 14 weeks. Uncomplicated pregnancy and birth :) We are now pregnant with #3 with my first appt next week so we will see if this is an issue again or not.
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  • I believe it's not something that goes away, it's the way your uterus was formed when you were just a little one!

    I'm so happy there's someone else with the same thing, and even happier to hear you had no complications! I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy all again!!
  • If it's just the way it is then I guess it hasn't been a problem either time so far since my Dr didn't say anything the first pregnancy and I had the same one both times! Hope you are blessed as well with no complications!
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  • Yeah that confused me also! Because it was never caught before and I've had lots of ultrasounds for my uterus. As long as I'm as lucky as you I won't need to worry! Thank you :)
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    I have it. I'm pregnant with our first and have been told it may mean more complications and it may not. We have to be vigilant and wait and see. From research I've found an increased risk of mc, ptl, and ic as well as breech positioning. Depending on severity of shape the uterus might contract ineffectually because your contractions are only pushing on one side. I say this because I wanted to know, not to add to your list of worries. But again there are no guarantees there will be problems! And that's what I'm holding on to. Good luck and my prayers go out for both of our little ones!
  • @newlyew‌ I understand completely! I already googled and got all the worst case news. :( but thank you! I hope there's no problem for both of us. I'm confused because I've had many ultrasounds before done on my uterus I don't understand how they just found it. Hopefully they are wrong, I have my ultrasound this Wednesday to exam
  • Oh :-S cause they scheduled me an ultrasound to diagnose so that's weird! Maybe I'll have to do more test later!
  • I have a bicornuate uterus with a complete split down the middle, so basically two half-uteruses. I was originally told that it doesn't mean a lot other than likely having a breech baby. Then I was seen by a high-risk doctor for a consultation about it, and he also said most have full-term babies without many issues, but they often get monitored closer. There are increased risks (but only 3-5% more than a normal uterus) of breech, preterm labor, incompetent cervix, pprom, and placenta abruption. Turns out I had every single one of those happen to me during my first pregnancy, which baffled my MFM dr, and spent weeks 25-30 on hospital bed rest before delivering at 30 weeks. This time, I got a cerclage and weekly progesterone shots and am now almost 36 weeks. The only thing I've had is a breech baby this time, which just means another csection, bc there's too much risk of uterine rupture for me due to a former csection and the bicornuate uterus.
  • I have one. Turns out I had a miscarriage the first pregnancy for unknown reasons. My 2nd pregnancy was uncomplicated except for breech presentation - so I had a c-section at 39 weeks. My 3rd pregnancy was a VBAC at 41 weeks. I am on my 4th pregnancy and so far all is well. I suggest checking out the yahoo groups on mullerian anomalies. They have great info, data, and it might be encouraging. My biggest advice is to enjoy each day and not get to worked up about it. Most people don't know they have them unless they have a c-section or invasive fertility work-ups.
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  • A little late to the party, but I also have a uterine anomaly (dydelphic). While, as PP said, the risk of some issues (breech, preterm, incompetent cervix, etc) are increased somewhat, I have yet to have any of those issues. I have had 2 losses, but I also have an 8 year old son I carried to term with no issues and delivered vaginally; and am currently 20 weeks pregnant and this baby is not breech either, and I have no cervix issues to speak of. Everyone and every pregnancy is different. Best to you! 

  • Some people have a mild form and it does not impact their pregnancy.  They found mine a couple of years ago and it caused 2 miscarriages before week 8 since the baby was not getting any blood supply.  Mine was severe and had to have it removed.   Hopefully yours is not as big and you will carry to term without an issue.  Just ask to be monitored more often.  Good luck and fingers crossed that you'll be fine. 
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    Hi- I have a heart shaped uterus but mine is actually arcuate not bicornuate.  Basically my uterus just has a slight indentation in the middle.  It was found during an HSG exam and then two MRI's as a follow up.  The only doctor that was ever concerned was a stupid Kaiser doctor.  I have since gotten assurances from two RE's and my OB that it is not an issue and to not give it a second thought.  I have not had any issues related to this and I'm a FTM.  Baby is positioned "normally" so far (not to mean that breach positioning is not normal).  

    I'm sure things will work out okay for you!  Remember to focus on the most exciting part- You are having a baby!  
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