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7 month old and pregnant again

I have a 7 month old little girl, and I just found out that I am pregnant again. I am totally devastated.

I am not upset about having another child. My husband and I always knew that we wanted more children SOMEDAY. But, I'm devastated for my daughter. I feel like I have cheated her out of something. I feel like I've done something horrible to her by getting pregnant again so soon. Like she doesn't get a chance to be a baby because now I will have another baby to tend to... She will still be a baby when the new baby comes... How do I make myself feel better about this?

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  • My DD was not quite 12 mos when I found out I was pregnant so she was a bit older but I really struggled feeling guilty.  I felt like I knew I wanted my LOs close in age but I didn't think that close.  I felt that way the entire pregnancy and when DS was born she did really well.  She wasn't jealous or forced to grow up or anything.  She really barely seemed to register DS was there and sort of went on like always.  Yes, sometimes she waited longer to get needs met but she really was fine.  

    I really wish I'd been able to see reason during my pregnancy with DS because I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have because of the guilt.  And once he was here the majority of the guilt went right away.  I'm not sure if anything will help you to feel better but try to remember that your DD will be okay.

    There's a 2 under 2 board that is great for support.  GL
  • I am the eldest in my family and my mom got pregnant 8 months after I was born.  Honestly, I didn't know one way or another when I was that young.  To me, it was just someone I wanted to play with.  Have you ever noticed how little children love looking at babies?  I never hated my sister, we were great playmates actually. 

    I don't think you're going to be "robbing" your child of babyhood.  I have a 6 month old girl right now myself and my husband and I have agreed to be open to another baby next month.  Ummm, guilt never entered my mind. 

    Your kids will be fine. Heck, they may end up being a couple of partners in crime!
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  • Just try to think she will have a best friend for life almost like twins. I have twins and their bond is amazing! Getting to grow up together and always having each other to play with, can't get better then that!
  • Just to tell you the positive side of this..I only have one brother who is 11 months older. My mother said it was hard in the beginning but so great. We always played together, always were at school together except for one year and are still to this day super close. He was too young to know any different. 

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  • My son is 7 months old and I will be 34 next week. I'm trying to get pregnant again to beat the clock if I want more than two. I feel guilty that I won't be able to breastfeed as long as I want to for my son but in the long run I want a bigger family.

    I was told that the only way you can have your family exactly how and when you want is to not care how and when it happens! I hope that is the case for both of us.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy and I'm sure you are a wonderful mom just for worrying about this!
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  • We started trying to get pregnant when DD1 was 8 months old (I got my BFP on her 1st birthday). So she is a few months older, but she LOVES her baby sister and DD2 just lights up around her and laughs at everything she does. It's hard, but I am so glad they are close in age. I think they are going to be really close.
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  • ashiscute said:

    There's a 2 under 2 board that is great for support.  GL

    Can you point me in the direction of this board please? I can't seem to find it.

    I have a 7 month old and am pregnant with the next, and thrilled about it! I can't wait to see them interacting since they will be so close in age. And I know that N won't really notice the new baby for a while so I'm going to enjoy every second of this pregnant. But I would love a board to connect with since I'm sure I'll have questions and would love to have somewhere to turn on this new adventure.
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  • I'm with you in this crazy journey of having two so close together (my daughter is just shy of 7 mo). We were certainly surprised with this pregnancy, but I am really looking forward to how close our kids will be. It's going to be a crazy ride, but the positive will outweigh the negative! And look for mamas like us for support, I know I will be!
  • Your 7-month-old DD is very luck because she will have a sibling of her age! This is extremely valuable. This means a friend for a life time. I have a brother two years older and there is noone who would replace me his support and our conversations. Your DD will learn a lot from sharinf babies' experiences with another child.
  • think about this one.. My daughter was 16 months old when the triplets were born. She does get jealous occasionally, but now, at 7 months old, she is starting to enjoy them sometimes.soon, she will likely not even remember it was just her.. They have been home for 5 months and things get better each day.


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  • I'm in the same boat as you and had the same thoughts initially.  But then I thought about the closeness and friendship they will share and it changed my outlook completely.  I'm an only child and have always wished I had a sibling.  I'm so happy and excited for my son to have someone to grow up with.  I can't wait to see them interact and play together.  Best wishes to you!
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