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Roll call

Bueller Bueller???

This board seems dead. Anyone still around? Our toddlers are growing so fast. Hope everyone is doing well

Re: Roll call

  • Hey. I'm glad to see some are still around!
    I've been away for a while. Most probably don't remember me anyway, lol. I did most of my posting way back while we were all still pregnant (Can you believe that was 2 years ago already??) then life with a new baby took over. I'm mostly just popping in now because I'm looking for birthday ideas for my daughter and thought maybe some of the mommies from earlier in the month might post what they did. Also, I just found out I'm expecting #2 so I'm now hanging around the June '15 board.. :)

    Hope all is well with everyone.

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  • I still check in here from time to time, but mostly people have moved on to the private group.
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  • I'm around.  Busy with 2 under 2.

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  • I'm around, though this last week has been busy.
  • Hi there! I haven't checked back very often since my guy was born. I guess toddlers keep you busy???

    My Nov12 baby is going to be a big brother, so I've been hanging out in March 2015!!

    Congrats @2littlelocks‌!!

    Oh and we're having a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party, just family and close friends. I'm thinking next year will be when we start doing fun kid parties :)
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  • I am checking in , Ito check in the name issue
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