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Hi all! Coming over here from August 14. I'm headed back to work in 2 weeks when LO will be 12 weeks, and I'm feeling equal parts excited and sad. He'll be going to a great daycare center near our house, about twenty minutes away from my office, starting at 8:30 am three days per week and 7:30 am two days per week. Every day my husband will pick him up at 2:30, but I won't get to see him until 6:30 or 5:30. I'm lucky to have my own office at work so I'll have privacy for pumping which I'm planning to do 3-4 times per day, hoping to keep breastfeeding for a year. I'm still having such a tough time thinking about that first day and how much I'm going to miss him. I even have plans to drive to the center on my lunch hour, spend twenty minutes with him and drive back - worth it to use up all that gas, right? any help and advice on feeling better about the whole thing is appreciated. Thanks!
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