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Come in WAHMs!

How do you do it? Today, I'm able to be working extra hours because DH stayed home from work sick and, now that he's feeling better, he's watching DD for me. On a normal day, though, I try and work while she's taking her nap and after DH gets home from work, but I end up only logging about 4-5 hours/day, where I want to be logging closer to 8 hours/day.

Any tips/advice for a first timer working from home? TIA

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    There is really no way to work from home full-time and effectively take care of DC unless you have some childcare. I think 4-5 hours is actually really good without childcare. You may want to at least find a mother's helper who can play with DD a few hours/day or a SAHM who is willing to watch DD for a few hours/day if you don't want more formal childcare.
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    My job only requires about 2-5 hours a day anyway (well, it doesn't "require" any set amount, that's just about the amount of work I have each day) But like today, I don't have any work, some days are just like that. Anyway, as I start getting busier, I have a girl that will come in 2 days a week for a few hours each of those days, then I'll just do naps & when DH gets home from work (which between when he gets home until I go to bed is about 3-4 hours, so that gives me plenty of time if need be).

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    I've got a babysitter for my kids.  There's no way I could work at home with my kids around - I need to write and reseach, so I really need to be able to concentrate. 

     Maybe hire someone for a few hours a day?  I've found great babysitters at our nearby university.

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    I work part-time as a freelance writer from home and have a sitter come one afternoon a week. Otherwise I work during her naps which is less than ideal. Not sure if I'll keep it up once the second  baby arrives.
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    Yet another "I have child care" vote.

    It's the only way it really works unless you have a job that can be done only when the kids are sleeping.

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    I work p/t (8hrs/day 3days a week) and have childcare for at least part of each of those days.  I also work after she goes to bed.  There really is no way to do it otherwise, especially if you have to be on the phone.
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