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Quad screen after normal NT - why??

Any insight why the doctor would request a quad screen (@ 15w0d) after the NT w/bloodwork (@ 11w6d) showed "normal" results? My doctor must have been on vacation bc the nurse called me early last week to tell me the NT results were "normal" but another doctor in the practice wanted me to have the quad screen done. (I've since gone to have it done but haven't heard anything yet. At my practice they say, "No news is good news" BC they won't call unless there is a problem). I'm going for my monthly check in tomorrow so I'll ask (and post what they say here if anyone is interested) but I was wondering if anyone else's doctor sent them after a "normal" NT. I've read this test is notorious for false positive so I was wondering why they'd request it? (Idk if it matters but I am & will be 37 when I deliver).

Re: Quad screen after normal NT - why??

  • I would love to hear what they say about it tomorrow.  I haven't had any of my testing done yet.  I'll be 43 at delivery, so I'm extra anxious about the screenings.  Sounds like good news for you though. Still would be interesting to know what the thought behind ordering the extra test is.  
  • It's normal procedure. There is the 12w bloodwork/screening and another one around 16w. The later one checks for more markers and specifically spina bifida, which is not tested at 12w. At least that was my understanding. It's just a blood test so no reason to freak out.
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  • Yes, I agree it's totally normal. I had my NT scan yesterday at 12w+ 3d and was told that at my 16 week appointment they would draw blood to look for spina bifida.
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  • I agree with PP. My NT and bloodwork from 12 weeks had a second component in 2nd tri with more bloodwork. I think it more clearly defines what was discovered at the 1st tri screening. Hope this makes sense!

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  • Yep! Just got back from dr & just like everyone said - it's just normal procedure. Everything looks good :) YAY!
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