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Pregnant after 35

Intro...Here's My Story

I'm 37 and pregnant with my second child. :-O SURPRISE!!!! My first born is nearly 15yrs. old now, and I have finally accepted the realization that I know nothing about pregnancy, baby gear, or trends of the current times. I experienced a shocking reality check when I enrolled my son in school for his Freshman year and looked down at my pudgy belly only to be reminded that soon I will be starting all over with a new baby! I am thrilled to have found this group and I take comfort in participating in discussions with other Moms in my age range. ;;)

Pregnancy Details: I'm high-risk, on bed-rest since 25weeks, have Pre-E, my EDD is 1/15/15 (but do to history of severe Pre-E which went full blown Eclampsia with my first child) I will be delivering in Dec., also a member of January 15 BMC.
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  • Congratulations on starting the parenting journey all over again! Sorry you're on bed rest tho. :( This is a great place to be for all kinds of info, discussions & encouragement. And you have a built-in babysitter with your 15-year-old, so that's excellent! Welcome and hope both of you stay safe and comfortable over the upcoming weeks! 

  • Welcome and congrats :)
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  • Congrats and welcome!
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  • Welcome and congrats!

  • Welcome and congrats. I also am due in Jan.
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  • Congrats!! I hope the rest of your PG is smooth even though you are on bedrest!

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  • Congrats! :-)
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  • Congrats on the 2nd go 'round! :)  I was in your shoes 5 years ago.  I was 38 when my DD was born and my DS was 13 at the time.  Here I am again, at 43, having another baby with a senior in high school and one in Pre-K! 

    Sorry to hear you've been on bed rest for so long. That must be super hard to do!!!  Good luck and welcome to the board!!
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