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Mental health days for kiddos, ASD related

If you just know it's not going to be a successful day for your kid would you keep them home? We had a rough morning. Lots of whining, lots of anxiety. Will she go outside for recess or stay in the gym. Her favourite socks are missing. She hated her breakfast. Her Dad dared to look at her lol! I just know when I pick her up in a few minutes the teacher will have something to tell me. I was allowed to stay home for any reason when I was young and I don't want that for DD. But then I wonder if sending her off in that mood is good for anyone? Am I over thinking lol?

Re: Mental health days for kiddos, ASD related

  • A few times DS went to school without his favorite gray skeleton hooded sweater because he left it at school or daycare. It was hard the following morning to make it in time for the bus to come get him because he was upset and had to wear a back up sweater. Once he got on that bus, I would tell myself I hope he has a good day at school and that darn sweater is found.

    DS will get to school and love his bus ride or get distracted when the teacher/aide/therapist/classmate says hi. A new activity or a new educational toy may catch his attention. He does love the slide on the playground. I think it takes this much to forget the sweater is gone or a change in mood.

    I would send DS to school and daycare despite his mood. If he is still in a bad mood at school, I will not have to deal with it and hope he gets over it.

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  • Well, she ended up having a great day after all. I agree with what you said @-auntie-‌ with the very rare exception she will be going.
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  • Glad she had a great day! Last year we had plenty of days where DD was a hot mess at home, but she pulled it together for school.
  • Also, I would make a note of it.  Sometimes you'll notice specific behaviors right before a child gets sick, or after a specific activity.  But I usually send my kids anyway.  I don't want them to think they can get out of school by throwing a temper tantrum in the morning.
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  • With the caveat that this is my own, non-ASD experience, I feel like when I really needed the occasional mental health day was more like junior high/HS, when social stuff was really hard to deal with and I was really anxious a lot of the time. That's a card I'm willing to play (rarely) with my own kids as well. We haven't run into it yet, but we're only dealing with first grade and so I'm not ruling it out completely at younger ages, just crossing my fingers. 

    Right now, though, I feel like the structure of school is something DD1 needs even more on a rough day, and kind of helps her get out of her own head/away from whatever conflict she's having with me in regards to how the morning is going -- it's such a switch that it gives her a chance to re-set. I think the space is as good for her as it is for me. :P 

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  • I let my son (typical developing but very anxious) miss preschool twice last year for this kind of thing. He was the "special helper" and had show and tell. I made the mistake of not telling him until the night before instead of either not telling him or prepping him for days. It was total panic/screaming/hysteria and I couldn't physically get him out the door. It doesn't help that he's very tall/big for his age and I'm small.

    This year I don't know ahead of time since he takes the bus and he LOVES being the special helper, oddly enough.
  • @lite-bright‌ yup I think the break was as good for me! I don't know how much I could take of her telling me to stop breathing so loudly lol!
  • I've considered it at times but oddly enough she always seems to have a great day. With that being said I don't think there's anything wrong with a planned day off with some fun family activity. I pulled the kids from school one Monday in October for what would be the last beach day for a while and don't regret it at all
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  • Ha I just asked this question yesterday! We took DS out this Thursday and Friday for "mental health" reasons. DS loves school and is mainstreamed. But after football season and all that entailed for him with practice, games, tutoring to keep grades up, band, and having no autism therapy session (yay insurance for being difficult...

  • I do not let the kids decide this, but would keep them home on a rate occasion when I thought it was necessary. That would only be for huge things like a loss, educational evaluation, or something else pretty big. But my kids don't have autism, and I'm trying to teach them to persevere even when things get tough.

    Also, my kids don't really like missing school, because they find the amount of make-up work overwhelming. That may be another thing to consider.

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  • I have NEVER done this......except last Wednesday, LOL!   Sleep was crap, dad is on a TDY.....we took a day off of school.  This is the 2nd year of school and first we've ever taken a day like that.  He literally fell asleep RIGHT before I was to take him to school (he goes afternoons).  I said, "Oh forget it!" 
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