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Pregnant after 35

*update** Hi..I'm new..and worried :(

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Hello! So I thought I'd update the post in case anyone else was in my situation. I went back to the dr 9 days later for a repeat ultrasound (after 1st showed only empty sac), and there was a baby with a heartbeat of 160!! Tech measured baby at 8 weeks 2 days which was exactly right on with my lmp dating. I'm still clueless as to why we couldn't see anything at all at 7 weeks, but whatever. Baby's there and well! So don't always lose hope when you don't see anything. It's so hard to wait though.

Hello! I'm 37 and pregnant for the third time :) I went to the dr for the first appt yesterday though, and on the ultrasound there was two gestational sacs, both completely empty :(
Based on the first day of lmp, 9/2/14, I was 6weeks 6 days yesterday. I have no clue when I ovulated. We had sex only on 9/12,13,14,18,20 and I had positive hpt on 9/28. So I don't know. Dr said I could be not as far along due to late ovulation and I am going back in 8 days for another ultrasound.
It's frustrating and scary. Both of my previous pregnancies were smooth and I assumed this one would be too I suppose...stupid on my part I guess.
Anyone have something similar with a positive outcome?? Trying to stay positive but it's hard. Thanks girls.


Re: *update** Hi..I'm new..and worried :(

  • With your dates it's quite possible you are around 5 or so weeks.  With DD, I only saw the sac at 5w3d.  Don't be discouraged! 

    Congratulations (x 2) and welcome to the board!
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  • Ugh. I know it can be SO hard and it's impossible not to worry.  :(  I'm sorry you have to deal with this. Based on the fact that you really don't know when you ovulated, I would be really interested to see what the next ultrasound shows because if you're 5 weeks or earlier.. it's hard to see much of anything at that point. You can usually see the gestational sac/yolk sac but that's pretty much it.  You won't get a flicker of a heartbeat or heartbeat sounds until at least 6+ weeks.  Did they seem concerned? 

    I'm quite a bit nervous too.  I will be 37 in November.  Pregnant with our third.  Not on purpose.. but thrilled anyway.  I've had 2 early miscarriages and one late loss at almost 20 weeks.  I have two beautiful kids at home but I haven't seen the doc yet.  I go next week which feels like forever away. I should be about 8 1/2 weeks at that point.. i think.  I also wasn't keeping hardcore track of my cycle.. i'm not even 100% sure of my LMP.  I think it was 08/29 but I'm guessing based on what my cycle normally does.  

    Good luck to you!!  Lots of positive thoughts your way. I know this is really hard. :( 
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  • I had a twin PG with DD#2 and at my first US at 7 weeks I had two sacs.  Baby A's heartbeat had just started (according to my RE) and the other sac was smaller and had a much slower heart rate. 

    RE told me it's either to early for our US or that he didn't think the second sac would make it.  He gave us a 50/50 at it being a viable twin PG.  

    We went back at 8 weeks and the second sac had nothing in it, but I did have a healthy Baby A.  I know how nerve wracking it can be hang in there and I'll be sending good thoughts your way.


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  • Congrats good luck! Early u/s can be off as much as a week:)
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  • Congrats, good luck. Fx'd for you to have good news next visit!
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  • Ugh, the wait. It's utterly the worst. Remember you do not have enough information yet. Hang in there and stay busy until next week. Thinking of your (two?!) littles.
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  • Please don't feel alone. I am going through almost exactly the same thing. In fact, our dates are all almost exact. I had a u/s at 6w3d and we saw a perfect little yolk sac. Nothing inside to be seen. I go back on Monday for another u/s. My doc seemed optimistic and said that I probably ovulated later than I thought. Also could have been a late implantation. Regardless, I have been really worried and anxious. I just want Monday to get here so we will know! I will be 8w 0d at that point so there should be no question.
  • Get another u/s in about a week. I bet you will see something. Thinking of you!
  • Thanks everyone. Just a few more days to wait. Cyndi417 I've been following your posts too and I hope all goes well for you today. I don't think I've seen an update yet today. It's awful having to wait.
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