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I'm Losing It! Just a vent

This morning I had to pull over and just cry because I'm so frustrated with DS. I know this is a part of terrible two's, but he has been so obnoxious lately. Every single day is a fit, tantrum, "I don't want to!!", etc. and this morning I completely lost it and just had to drop him to DC and cry. I'm trying to get myself together before going into work, but please reassure me that this does get easier.
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Re: I'm Losing It! Just a vent

  • It does eventually get better! Each age has its challenges, but it does even out! Hang in there Mama! I've been there. Big hugs!
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  • Hang in there-- you are doing a great job.

    DD is almost 3 and we are still going through it.  I want to believe it gets easier also!


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  • Awww. Just keep telling yourself it's just a phase and it too shall eventually pass. DD is 3...we're looking forward to 4 it has to be better than 3. She was fine at 2, turned 3 and she completely flipped on us. It'll get better. Hugs!!!!  

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  • It does get better.  It was like a flipped switch for us.
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  • Thank you ladies, I really needed these kind words this morning. What is the most frustrating is that the good doesn't even out with the bad days. He has been this way for about 2 weeks straight, and it's making our outings and bonding time miserable. I plan fun things for the weekend and it has been shot to hell several times because of his meltdowns. I will continue to remain strong though. Thankful I have you group of ladies to talk to.
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  • I feel like I could have written this myself lately.  Hang in there mama!  I hope it gets better also, because it has gotten progressively worse day by day lately.  DS is two as well, and the idea of turning 3 is starting to terrify me.
  • I'm so sorry you're having a rough day!  DD is not two yet but she is quite the obstinate little handful right now. 
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  • Thank you everyone! Yesterday was the last parent/child swim session at the YMCA for his 6-week class and he was mad at me, so he walked up to a random little girl and smacked her. I wanted to spank his butt right there, but instead I snatched him (not too hard but with a little force) and popped him & then apologized to her Father. You bet your ass he didn't get to swim either, smh the very last class and we couldn't even get it together for that.
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  • So sorry you are having rough days. I've had a few myself lately. It will get better. Hope you are hanging in there.
  • we went through a really rough patch around 2.75 yo and according to friends and articles, it was definitely the beginning of the threenager. things definitely calmed down, hang in there :(
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