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Jekyll and Hyde

So when we change DS's diaper and dress him, he is Mr. Hyde. At DC, when he gets his diaper changed, he's Dr. Jekyll. They don't have any issues with him squirming and wiggling and kicking and rolling over and hitting and crying and screaming and getting his head to spin backward while spewing green vomit and climbing on the ceiling channeling the devil. We've had these issues nearly every diaper change since he was 4 months. It starts as soon as we say "diaper change" and doesn't end until he's running screaming away from the diaper table. I don't get it. Suggestions? 
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Re: Jekyll and Hyde

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    Ditch the diaper table and do it on the floor or bed. Have some toys which are only for the diaper change. Sit with him in the room with your back to the door, not playing with him, not interacting, not reacting to his tantrum and just periodically asking if he is ready to have a diaper change and play yet. He is 2, right? This was a good approach for me starting at that age. You don't want to lay still for a second fine. But we won't play/read/leave until you do so just tell me when you're ready. It took a couple of times but after that it's usually no more than 5 minutes until he comes to me "i'm ready to change diaper/brush teesh/blow nose"
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