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Wrong Size for Wrong Seasons

For my baby shower I was given a ton of cute clothing but a lot of it is the wrong size for the appropriate season. For instance, our LO is due in January and we live in an area that is pretty cold from October to April, but we got a ton of 12 month clothing that is for summer. What are your suggestions on exchanging or returning when there are no gift receipts? I am open to all ideas.

Re: Wrong Size for Wrong Seasons

  • I would hold off for a bit.

    While my DD pretty much fit in the size that correlated to her age, many do not.  I wouldn't bat an eye at a 6 month old wearing 12 month sizes.

    If not, most places will give you store credit or let you excahnge.  If you can't do that, I suggest either put the things away (if you are planning on more than one LO), consign the stuff or give it away/ donate.


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  • I'm with everyone else, you never know how a kid will grow. DD has alway been 1-2 sizes behind. She'll be 3 in January and wears 18-2T shirts and 18mo pants. But you can probably return for store credit or exchange sizes, just Google the brand to see where it's sold.
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  • This happened to me too and I had no issue exchanging for different sizes if I knew where the clothing was from. If I couldn't exchange it, I kept it and used for layering/laundry day/whatever or regifted to someone in need. 
  • I did have a few items that didn't get worn. But really, 12 month clothes are actually 6 - 12 months, or 9 - 12 months, and there is a decent chance they will still fit. Plus - layers!
  • I agree with what everyone else has said. My son is 14 months and he can still wear 6-9 months in some clothes. You never know.
  • Two words.

    Laundry day.

    You can keep them to use as "blow out back up". Put them in your diaper bag with plain white, long-sleeved onesies. Having that spare outfit is a life saver. They could swim in it, but it's better than just a diaper.

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  • Also, my 15 month old is in 18-24 month onesies.

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  • Also, my 15 month old is in 18-24 month onesies.

    Haha, I'm the opposite. My 19-month-old is still in 12-month clothes.

  • My 10 week old is still in newborn clothes, except for one piece outfits with feet because her legs are too long for them. I also have some odd sized summer outfits that will most likely fit during the winter, and I plan on adding tights and a sweater and calling it a day.
    Also, keep in mind that different brands will fit completely different. I finally stopped organizing onsies by the size on the tag, and instead put them together by how big they actually are. Some of those summer outfits in all the same size will fit differently than others.
    I just wouldn't take tags off until they fit, that way you can always regift them or sell them as never worn.
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