Getting anxious

Mamas who had a preemie and then carried to term with any subsequent children... How do you deal with the anxiety? I will be 27w on Wednesday and delivered DD at 33.3 due to my insulin pump failing and ending up in the icu with dka the week before she was born. My water broke and 4 hours later she was here.

The pregnancy was high risk to begin with due to me having type 1 diabetes. Everything was going well until I had a kinked site... 3 in a row. In 8 years of pumping I've only had 1 other kinked site ever. So it was a weird freak thing that happened. Blood sugars were in line, low 6s a1C.

This time around same thing. Relatively easy pregnancy, other than the work to keep bg in line. The monitoring and checking in with dr. I get progesterone shots this time, and see both my endo and Mfm.

I'm just so nervous since I did everything right last time and a freak thing caused dd to come early. This time any random high blood sugar I am changing out my pump sites to protect myself against bad sites.

Any suggestions???
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Re: Getting anxious

  • I am actually in the same boat so I have no advice. I just posted on the pregnant after preemie thread before I saw this.

    I had a perfect pregnancy with DS1 and there were no warning signs that something could go wrong.  I delivered at 31w5d due to high blood pressure and neurological complications.  I'm monitoring my BP and everything looks great. I am high risk and being followed closely.  I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow and I'm feeling the anxiety creeping up quickly.  I was doing pretty well until this week and now I keep worrying. 

    Hugs and hopes for a full term baby!!

    Our little hippo was as impatient as mom!

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    Hoping for a full 40 weeks!! 

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