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Daycare questions

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I found a daycare close to my house- it's on the busline, like 3 minute drive, good price, etc.  I went and visited and everything seemed good.   The only thing is the director said he's new to this location, just moved from the location downtown.  And when I asked if there was a waiting list, he said there wasn't because they just had hired new staff so they have spots open.  So, obviously there is some sort of restructuring going on there.  Is that a red flag?  

Also- how should I transition her?  She seemed overwhelmed today while we were there. Should I start her a week early for half days?

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Re: Daycare questions

  • Yeah to finding a daycare that you like a feel comfortable with! I don't think that is a red flag at all. Currently at Wesley's daycare they had 4 teachers leave and hired 4 new teachers.  1 teacher left because she had a baby and decided to stay home, 2 left to finish their bachelor degrees at a different school and 1 left because she needed surgery. So I wouldn't think it was a bad thing.  Can you maybe go around drop off or pick up and talk to some of the other parents and ask them if they like the school?

    Also for transitioning I would start her earlier if you have the chance.  This will be a huge change for both of you and if you can start now then hopefully you wont be such a wreck on your first day. I cried everyday at drop off the first week with wesley and now he runs into his class so he can see his friends. It might be an adjustment but I'm sure your little one will have no problems after a few days.

    Also, don't hang around to much at drop off.  Make sure she is settled do hugs and kisses, let her know when you are coming back and leave.  You can always call and check-in.  I have found on rough mornings that the longer I stay the worse he gets.  And usually when I call 10 minutes later he had stopped crying a few moments after I left and was happy and playing. I have even had him stop crying before I have even made it to the lobby as well.


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  • I don't think it's necessarily a red flag. Maybe they hired more people because they are awesome and really busy / full. If after a few months you notice constant employee turnover, that to me is a red flag.

    I also think a few half days wouldn't hurt. When C started the new DC, I took her there a few days before she started full time, just to see how she would do, and so she could get a little familiarity with the teachers.
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