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So ashamed!

It's been forever since I've been on TB, but I hope I can get some good advice here... 

I just had my second baby 7 weeks ago. Back in May, a friend asked if she and her daughter could host a baby shower for me. I politely declined. So then, she offered to do a sip n see after the baby comes. I said sure, that will be nice. I just got the invite and it's a BABY SHOWER invite. I'm SOO embarrassed that this went out to all the people on the list I gave to her. I could just cry. To top it off, some of the people on the list gave us baby gifts long before the invites were sent out. Also, she just mailed the invites last week and the party is this Saturday. Idk what to do... call people and say not to bring a gift and just come see the baby? (Then it sounds like I'm expecting a gift.) Let it lie? My husband wants me to tell her something, but I feel like that'd make things worse.
DS 12/18/2011
DD 8/28/2014
DD 5/24/2016, stillborn at 40 weeks

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  • Does the situation suck? Yes but I'm sure guests will see you are not the host on the invite. If people don't feel comfortable with a second shower they won't come. Just be super gracious and thankful to those who do.
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  • That's an awkward situation but I do think you should bring it up with your hostess. It seems like her intentions were good, but also very sneaky and disrespectful of your wishes- which ultimately negates the whole "good" part.
    I wouldn't cancel it or call the guests, just go and make the best of it.
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  • Thanks, ladies. Canceling isn't an option, but we'll make the best of it. 
    DS 12/18/2011
    DD 8/28/2014
    DD 5/24/2016, stillborn at 40 weeks
  • I'm sorry this happened to you! You had good advice above. Hang in there.
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