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DD (just turned 2) doesn't go to bed until 10 pm, she's always had a late bedtime because both me and DH stay up late and we'd rather have her sleep later in the morning.  She usually sleeps 10pm-9am and naps at 3pm for 2-3 hours.  I am going back to work, I start mid November.  DD will have to start getting up 7:30-8 am and most likely nap at 12 at daycare.  How should I get her bedtime earlier?  Do like 15 minutes every few days? Should I do her nap times 15 minutes earlier those days, too?  

Also, DD is still in her crib. She is a great sleeper and will lay in her crib and play for a long time, seriously like an hour, until she falls asleep or we get her out after she wakes up. She could climb out if she wanted, DH has seen her try when he was in the room but redirected her.  Should we switch to a toddler bed now and deal with wake ups before I start back to work?  Or leave her in the crib for as long as possible and switch her when both DH and I are working?

Re: Changing bedtime

  • I would just start waking her up at the time she will have to start getting up at.  So if her new wake-up time is 8am then start now waking her up every morning at 8am and then she will get tired earlier for a nap and then her bedtime will be earlier too.
  • As long as she's happy in the crib, no reason to move her! My first is 2 years 8 months and still is very comfortable. I am 100% sure he could climb out if he wanted to. I want to keep him contained as long as possible! Sorry no advice on the nap thing. :)
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  • ok, I will start waking her up at 8 am. which means I am going to have to wake myself up at 8 am. I need to get used to it anyway. ugh.

    @TheBorg7of9 I love your name!  

  • Not really sure on moving the bedtime earlier, probably a transition of moving it back little by little would work I think

    As far as the crib though...if it's not broken, don't fix it! My DS is 3 and still sleeps just fine in his crib... I know he can get out of he wants to...but he just doesnt.

    I wont have a choice but to move him pretty soon here since we're having baby 2.0 but... I'm letting it ride as long as I can.

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  • I'm a fan of leaving kids in their cribs until you either need the crib, they're climbing out anyway, or they're asking for a big bed.  Enjoy keeping them in there as long as possible!  Though in DD's case the transition didn't make a practical difference because she still won't come out of her bed until I come in her room (I think because the room is dark and she's not sure if it's daytime until I tell her she can come out, and she's afraid to come out if she's not allowed to), I don't think that's typical.
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