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We just started cloth diapering my 6 mo. old son. We used disposables with my 3 yo daughter who is now potty trained. I really want this to work but we keep having leaks! We're using pocket diapers (Fuzzi bunz/Alva baby) and he will often soak through 2 microfiber inserts. If he's not soaking through, it will often just leak around his left leg. I've tried making it smaller so that it is snugger around his legs. I've also tried these bamboo inserts: but they leak like crazy, too, and I did prep them.

Does DS just pee a ton? Is this normal? I change him every two hours or sooner. I feel like I've wasted a ton of money if we have to abandon this. What should I be doing? Need advice before I spend more money on this. 

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  • Yes if he is soaked through the front, but sometimes it's just around the leg and the inserts aren't soaked.
  • Yes, they are brand new. I'll try that. I initially had them on the middle row of snaps, but I put them on the smallest ones because I thought it may have been too big around his legs and that's why it was leaking.
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  • I change him before and after every nap... so for example, I just changed him and I'll change him again at 11:45 and sometime between 1:30 and 2.

    Thanks for the advice on the snaps, would you go tighter on the leaking side, or looser? I can't see gaps.

    As to more absorbency, any recommendations on what I should be using? Clearly the bamboo inserts I bought were a miss.
  • Flats.  Or flour sack towels from the kitchen section of your local Walmart/Target/whatever.  Or you can use a flannel receiving blanket if you've got some old/stained ones lying around.
  • Yep flats/FSTs/receiving blankets are great choices.  Prefolds would be too, but they will be a bit bulkier.  With a heavy wetter, it might make some sense to get a few small hemp doublers to try under the flats/FSTs/Fuzzibunz inserts. Hemp is crazy trim for the amount it absorbs, but it absorbs slower than cotton/bamboo so it works nicely to use it under something that absorbs faster. 
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  • Thanks! As an update 45 min. after teh last diaper change there was a little pee that leaked out around his left leg on a Fuzzibunz with a MF on top of a bamboo.
  • Not a dumb question... I haven't paid attention since he was a newborn and would Houdini pee around his diapers. Otherwise it doesn't matter with a disposable as long as the ruffles are out. I will pay more attention.
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