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Rude pregnant comments

Why do ppl always say glad im not you? Or stay alway i dont want to catch it ? Or Why you pregnant you look so young ? Do you know who the father is , Why you guys are not married ? This is so annoying how should i look over comments thats made like this without cursing somebody out

Re: Rude pregnant comments

  • I dont understand that myself people can be horrible at times.
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  • @tcolston10‌ then half of these ppl got kids so im like why treat others like there pregnancy is any different!
  • A couple months ago a complete stranger sitting behind me and some friends at a restaurant and I started talking she had overheard the conversation between the one girl and I. She also happened to be pregnant. At some point the woman says to me something about the father and I said oh well I'm a single mom and she said, did you know that it's been proven by studies that children born into single parent homes are more likely to become murderers/serial killers... My mouth dropped.. I had no idea what to say. I just say there in complete silence as if I were frozen. I don't get people. They can be so cruel.
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