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Two changing tables?

Right now, my changing station is in DS's room. I know that a lot of people will change their LO in different locations, but I find it easiest to just bring him to the one changing station. My DD is due in February, and I'm not sure what the best thing to do is about the changing station. Obviously, I can't just have one in DS's room since DD will need to be changed when DS is sleeping. Should I set up her own changing station in her room? Move the current station to the play room? I find it pretty convenient to put the LO in their crib while I take care of the diaper (unstuff, spray if needed) and wash my hands, but I also think it'd be nice to have all of the diaper stuff in one spot. Thoughts?  

Re: Two changing tables?

  • i have one station and its in the bathroom.  gives me good backup in case things get a little crazy during the diaper changes :-)
    i have a folding changing pad, cloth wipes, and a hanging wet bag on the bathroom door
  • We have one in each bedroom. #2 needs one in his room for all the MOTN changes. #1 probably doesn't NEED one in his room but it is just the easiest way to store all his diapers and it is where he changes clothes too, and just makes sense.
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  • We wound up with 3 changing stations bc I don't like having to climb stairs with both kids as often as DS2 needs changing. It takes a little maintenance bc I have three places to be sure there are enough wipes and diapers, but it works for us.


  • I have 3 too. One in each of their rooms and one in mine since P still sleeps with us.
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  • When I did cloth with my oldest, I mostly changed her on the pad on the bathroom counter, but eventually found it easier to just change her wherever we were. I couldn't justify buying a changing table much less two

  • We only have two bedrooms, so my kids share and room and a changing station now, but when DS was first born I set up a second one on top of a desk we have in our bedroom, since he was sleeping in there for the first few months. I put one of those plastic drawer carts underneath the desk with his diapers, clothes, etc. in it. I did always keep a few diapers for the other kid at each station just in case I wanted to change in the other room. Now if one kid is sleeping and I need to change the other I try to have a few extra diapers in our room or I'll grab one out of the diaper bag, which is kept by our front door.
  • I have one changing station in the bedroom and will carry  her up there most of the time.  However I also have one downstairs for my nanny.  If I were using cloth with two, I would would have one in each room and one downstairs for the nanny still. 
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